309Write - 10 Facts About Firoz's Moon Neighbor Tweeting Angel

She lived a difficult life in childhood:

Lebanese singer Fairoz grew up in a one-bedroom house in an old neighborhood in Beirut city with her parents and three brothers. Several other families lived in the same house. They all shared one kitchen and the same bathroom. Her father, a printer at the Lebanese newspaper Lorion Press, saved part of his income to educate his children.So Feroz was able to go to school, where she would discover her unique talent.


Fairoz discovered her passion for singing when she was a child:

Her family couldn't buy a radio, so Fairoz was sitting on the edge of the window to listen to the songs from neighbor's radio, and she used to echo those songs when she was bringing wood out of the woods , and she was also singing while making bread and when she put her brothers to bed, and at the age of 14 she started singing in the school choir to pay attention to the famous musician Mohamed Flefel and encourage her to develop her artistic talent.

Her father strongly opposed singing :

In an article written by her brother Joseph Haddad, he recalled that their father strongly rejected the idea of singing Fشهroz professionally and preferred to finish high school instead, but that their uncle convinced their father to allow her to sing on a Lebanese radio station on one condition that was she should not go alone and be accompanied by her brother at all times.

Fairoz is not the real name of the moon neighbor:

The musical icon Fairoz was born as Nahad Wadia Haddad and shortly after her work on Lebanese radio she moved to the theater. And there, the great playwright Halim Rumi suggested that he change the name.He had two names , Fairoz and Shahrzad, but Fairoz's name was chosen because her voice looked like a rare gem.



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