309Write - 3 Foods from Patna you must try at least once in your life

The capital city of Bihar, Patna, is the perfect merge of rich culture and history but the speciality doesn’t restrict to that! Bihari cuisine is gaining plenty of limelight because of its delicious food and flavours. The flavourful land of Patna offers unique delicacies that can tingle the buds of every food aficionado! Besides the staple sattu that is well-known in their territory, there’s a lot more that one should never miss

Here are 3 dishes from Patna that will enhance your craving and will make you try more

Litti chokha

Litti chokha comes under the category of that classic signature dish of Bihar. Its lip-smacking flavours and taste need no introduction. Almost found in every corner, this dish is extremely wholesome and filling. Prepared from wheat flour and stuffed with roasted gram flour, spices, lemon juice, pickle and dripped in ghee, litti chokha undergoes the baking process to add the crunch to the outer crust. Additionally, served with Chokha, which is a combination of hearty mashed vegetables and that’s how it’s transformed into a complete fusion of delightfulness


Malpua is another delight from the land of Bihar that is absolutely famous all around. It is a type of sweet dish that can be available anywhere but its original flavour and best taste can be enjoyed in Bihar only as it is one of the specialities of this place. It is prepared from 4 simple ingredients including flour, milk, mashed bananas and sugar and is further deep fried in ghee. Dripping sugary syrup along with the crisp makes an everlasting space in your heart. This all-time favourite sweet dish of Bihar is sometimes enjoyed with thick Rabdi.

Dal pitha

Bihari cuisine reinvented dumplings or momos in their own hale and hearty way. This delicacy of Bihar is prepared with rice flour and stuffed with lentil paste, spices and pickles. This dumpling shaped dish is further steamed or fried just like the momo and is usually served during breakfast. Considered one of the healthiest breakfasts in Bihar, this dish will surely leave you craving for more

With a wonderful aroma, an appealing touch of healthfulness and an unforgettable taste, Patna will leave a lasting imprint on your taste buds. Do try these most famous foods of Patna and let us know which one is your favourite

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