309Write - 3 Skincare and haircare mistakes to avoid when you hit the gym or start your workout

If you’re someone who workouts or goes running, you know that sweat often ends up taking a toll on your skin and hair. Whether it’s acne or dandruff, excessive sweating and improper hygiene can only worsen these issues. So to take proper care, you need to keep in mind the mistakes you’re making so that you can be prepared on how to overcome it


1. Using excessive products


If you’re someone who loves a 10 step skincare routine, it’s not something you should do right before stepping out for a run. Excessive or heavy products end up clogging the pores and when mixed with sweat, the chances of bacterial growth and acne is inevitable.

2. Using makeup: 


If you’re trying to impress that cute guy with your subtle makeup, you’re not doing yourself any good. Just like heavy products, makeup also tends to clog the pores. Just like you, your skin also needs to breathe and instead of excessive blush, you can always let your post-workout glow do all the talking

3. Touching your face: 


When you sweat, using a towel or your hands to rub it off only ends up clogging the pores. We know that we’re saying that everything clogs the pores but yes, it does. The bacteria from your hands reach your face and your skin is then doomed


1. Using a tight scrunchie: 


Using a tight scrunchie or rubber band pulls your hair and your hair is pulled back from the hair follicles. When you work out, the weight of your hair worsens this issue more and this results in hairfall. So, the best way to keep yourself safe is to opt for a braid that both, keeps your hair away from your face and does not tug a lot

2. Not washing your hair:


When you sweat, it is necessary to wash your hair. Sweat often leads to dandruff when the bacterial overgrowth goes out of hand. Your dry shampoo can only do so much when it comes to the grease but your scalp needs to be clean for your hair to thrive

3. Not brushing your hair: 


The sweat and workout often dry your hair. If you don’t remove the knots and brush off the excess oil on your scalp, it will take a toll on both your scalp and hair health.

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