309Write - 3 Ways to travel green in the year 2022

We're all aware that traveling isn't the most eco-friendly activity. But, hey, this planet is still far too lovely to ignore

As a result, eco-friendly travel should be a top priority for us at all times. We want future generations to be able to enjoy the beauty of the planet. Sustainable travel, also known as eco-friendly travel, is more than just another travel trend; it is a way of reducing our carbon footprint at home and on the road while also broadening our understanding of what it means to travel.

Here we suggest you 3 ways to travel green this year.

Take the bus or train wherever possible

If you must fly, use a reputable provider to offset your carbon footprint. You can even offset your carbon footprint by taking the bus or train! There are numerous organizations that provide carbon offset schemes for travelers. However, you should investigate which specific projects are supported and whether they are truly sustainable. It's pointless to plant a tree if it's cut down a few years later.

Visit local markets

Most markets offer local dishes and goods that do not need to be transported to customers, thereby lowering your carbon footprint. Furthermore, shopping at markets benefits the local economy, including farmers and artisans. You can hear the local language and see people greeting old friends and purchasing food for the day. It's great to be able to experience the hustle and bustle of it all, and it's also a great way to make your trip more environmentally friendly.

Bring your own water bottle

It's time to say goodbye to plastic waste, which is extremely simple to reduce. One of our favourite eco-friendly travel tips is to invest in a reusable water bottle to avoid contributing to even more plastic waste. Many countries are plagued by uncontrollable plastic waste in the oceans, waterways, and beaches. You've probably heard that plastic trash is threatening marine life in the oceans. As a result, it is critical that single-use plastics such as water bottles, cutlery, bags, and other non-biodegradable products be phased out

Accepting your social responsibilities as a traveler entails being aware of social and cultural concerns wherever you go, as well as understanding that your presence has an impact on the environment and the people you meet. Accepting that responsibility entails making an effort to have a positive impact wherever you go in the world

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