309Write - 4 Yoga asanas every bride to be should practice daily

During the pre wedding arrangements, brides to be might have some physical issues due to excess stress. So, they all should practice these effective 4 yoga poses for stress management and improve all health conditions.

Before the wedding, there are several tasks to accomplish. From booking the right venue and caterer to shopping dress and jewellery to practice the dance moves for the sangeet, the list is truly long enough to make you stressed out and tired. You might have intense muscle or joint pain, headache for stress, etc. Yoga is a great way to relieve your stress and combat any other physical discomfort. So, here are 4 best yoga poses that every bride to be should practice during their pre wedding preparation

Triangle Pose

During the wedding shopping, you have to walk and stand a lot which hurts your ankle. So, practice triangle pose or trikonasana daily to strengthen your ankle, knee and thigh area. The asana stretches these areas of your body, improves blood circulation, and eases wedding related stress and anxiety.



Tadasana or mountain pose stimulates nervous system, regulates menstrual cycle, and improves the body posture. It also improves your arms, thighs, knees, ankles and digestive system. Due to the excess wedding stress, your menstrual cycle can be irregular and digestion issues might be occurring. So, practicing mountain pose daily will improve these conditions



This yoga pose is highly beneficial for would be brides as it improves menstrual discomfort, digestion, releases stress and anxiety, stretches spine and shoulders, calms the brain, etc. You can do your wedding arrangements without any stress and anxiety if you do this yoga daily.

Bhujangasana or cobra pose


When you have stiffness in your muscles for doing online shopping for the wedding, then it is the best yoga pose to practice daily. It stretches the muscles of shoulders and chest, increases body flexibility. Apart from that, cobra pose is one of the best asanas for stress management


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