309Write - 4 BEST tips to woo the man of your dreams

So you see this gorgeous guy and want to impress him as soon as possible, but don’t know how! It is natural to get attracted to someone and spend days after days trying to catch their eye and impress them somehow. But unless you don’t know about him, it can be quite a task to woo him.

Although each man has his own likes and dislikes, there are some things that every guy likes. So we have for you, 4 such tips that you can follow to impress your dream guy and to catch his attention!

Smile at him

If you want to make him interested in you and want to catch his attention, then the easiest way is to smile at him whenever he looks at you. This is an effective and non-creepy way to let him know that you are interested in him and available.

Change your body language around him


Closed body language includes crossing arms in front of your chest or simply coming across as too reserved and uptight. When around him, change your body language by making it more open. Play with your hair, act coy and lean in slightly while talking to him to let him know about your interest in him.

Play hard to get

While following the above two tips, make sure to not come across as too clingy or desperate. You want to let him know that you are available but not needy. So play hard to get at times, let him chase you and come after you. 

Drop the emotional baggage


All of us are guilty of holding onto tons of insecurities and vulnerabilities. Drop the emotional baggage and be your confident self to let him know how comfortable and secure you are as an individual and to attract him.

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