309Write - 5 Benefits of eating dark chocolate that you didn’t know about

Chocolates are the life saviour when it comes to cravings and mood swings. They’re sweet and melting. Often despised by fitness enthusiasts, here are some surprising health benefits of eating chocolate that you need to know on World Chocolate Day

Chocolates are a sweet treat that gives you an instant boost of energy and a sugar rush that you want to indulge in it more and more. It is often considered a sinful indulgence that has the efficacy to soothe our souls and uplift our moods. 

However, several studies have shown us that chocolates can be good for your health if consumed in an adequate amount. Of course, one can’t deny the fact that anything in excess always leads to a disaster and has certain side effects. Similarly, chocolate when consumed in excess can lead to cavity or diabetes.

We are here to talk about some of the best health benefits of eating chocolate because today is all about that. As we celebrate World Chocolate Day today, here are some surprising benefits of eating dark chocolate that you need to know.

It helps reduce cardiovascular diseases

Yes, that’s right. Eating chocolate, particularly dark chocolate regularly can reduce your chances of developing any cardiovascular disease and save you from heart strokes. Combined with a healthy diet, dark chocolate can save you from a heart attack. 

It can help relieve inflammation


Inflammation can be caused anywhere in your body, you can have sore muscles, headaches or severe diseases through inflammation. Chocolates contain flavonoids and cocoa that act as antioxidants and help reduce inflammation in your body.

It improves cognitive abilities


A regular intake of chocolates that includes cocoa flavanols poses a great benefit for your body’s cognitive functions. It can improve your level of focus, attention, speed, verbal fluency and working memory.

It boosts your mood

Dark chocolates specifically contain happy boosting chemicals that your body naturally creates as well. These chocolates contain a certain amount of serotonin, a neurotransmitter and tryptophan that makes you happy and swoon after eating chocolate. Hence, it is linked as a happy food that can be eaten to combat feelings of sadness and anxiety. 

It gives you instant energy


If you have a low BP or feel down and lethargic, chocolates can instantly boost your energy levels. Chocolates contain a certain amount of caffeine and theobromine that helps give you an energy boost.

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