309Write - 5 Mushy ideas to propose the love of your life

We bring to you 5 mushy ideas to propose the love of your life in the most romantic way. Now you can woo your partner by confessing what they mean to you. Let love be in the air with these proposal props

1. Exhale love with the help of a gift jar filled with romantic messages


A gift jar filled with 10 romantic messages will help you to take one step forward in strengthening your relationship. This gift jar will contain all the reasons behind why you love her or him. The jar is filled with petals and artificial roses to feel the essence of love.

2. Use alphabet shaped LED light letters for decoration if you plan to go down on one knee


A room filled with hot red balloons, rose bouquets, rose petals and a ‘MARRY ME’ alphabet light letters will take your partner on cloud 9. These letters are made up of plastic and can be hung or placed as per convenience. Now you can elevant the proposal vibe with these masterpieces

3. Decorate the room with metallic balloons, heart shaped foil balloons and an ‘I LOVE YOU’ banner


You need to create a romantic vibe for your partner to create a moment that is worth cherishing. This romantic atmosphere filled with metallic balloons, heart shaped foil balloons and banners will help you to express your feelings better. Fell the tummy butterflies in a romantic way with these red and gold decorative proposal props

4. Keep it simple and get down on one knee with a ring


Ring is one such accessory that helps in strengthening the bond and relationship with your partner. It is the way to showcase the commitment you have towards your partner. Be it a marriage proposal or a day to confess your love, the ring in a jewellery vanity case will elevate romance at the right moment of confession

5. If you feel shy propose your partner with the help of ‘WHAT I LOVE ABOUT YOU AND OUR MEMORIES’ paperback


Paperbacks are like love letters that help you to express what you feel for your partner. Stick your favorite pictures and pen down everything that you feel in a jiffy. Let your partner reminisce about all the special memories you created since day 1 of togetherness

Proposing and confessing to your love of life has never been so easy. These proposal props will bring out the romantic side within you and amaze your partner with your style of romance. Be it your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband, these mushy ideas are 100 percent effective. Go and start the new innings of your life at the earliest

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