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Milk is among the best choices for Suhoor in Ramadan. It is loaded with proteins and nutrients and helps you stay full throughout the day. Experts say that milk reduces the human body's need for hunger to the most. It is full of Calcium and Vitamins to keep you energized and healthy while being hungry for a long time.

Almond and Date Smoothie

Dates are a chief source of carbohydrates and anti-oxidants. While they are a favorite at Iftar, taking dates in Suhoor can keep you pumped up all day. Almond and Date smoothie is an instant and long-lasting nutrition source with the goodness of dates and richness of almonds. Find the recipe for this delicious drink here.


Nabeez is found in Sunnah, and many people are incorporating it into their Suhoor routine. Nabeez is an alkalizing tonic that helps to reduce acidity and cleanse. It is prepared by soaking dates in water overnight. The high-fiber drink is a perfect drink for Ramadan as it facilitates the elimination of metabolic wastes and enhances digestion.


Buttermilk is a popular sub-continental drink and a favorite in Ramadan. Made from milk and yogurt with the addition of salt or sugar according to your choice, it is the star of every roadside restaurant Suhoor. You can prepare buttermilk a few hours before Suhoor and enjoy it chilled.

Banana and Oatmeal Smoothie

The anti-oxidants and fiber in bananas are ideal for digestive health and allow you to feel full for a longer time. The addition of oatmeal to banana smoothie makes it a complete meal for you to carry your daily tasks while fasting without feeling hungry. Banana and oatmeal smoothie is ready quickly with only three ingredients – Banana, soaked oats, and milk!


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