309Write - 7 Most Successful Businesses in Pakistan with great ROI

1.      Medicine Business

Because there are all types of food adulteration's (milawaat) going in Pakistan, chai me milawat, dhoodh me milawaat plus there are over 180 million people in Pakistan and almost every third or fourth guy has some kind of disease, illness, which means medicine has tremendous demand and ROI on medicine is around 15%-50% in retail, which means you earn (net income) 0.15 Pkr to 0.50 Pkr for each rupee of total sales; while in wholesale, distribution it varies between 3%-7%.

And in medicine manufacturing you can make anywhere from 30% to over 70%,  though that depends on many things like the type of medicine you produce, market demand, market competition, brand image in target client's, consumer minds, brand value, govt taxes etc.

Thus medicine business can be termed as the most successful, profitable business sector in Pakistan.

Even in a pandemic like corona virus its the best business, this also holds true for war situation, where medicine, food, grocery business remains as essential businesses while almost all other businesses don't make in the essential businesses.
If you are interested in starting medicine on Distribution/Wholesale/Retail etc level than please make sure you start in the location where similar business are, as then you will get customers flowing in.

2.      Cloth Business

Again 180 million people need clothing, roti kapra maakaan, you must have heard this political slogan… they really nailed it (kal bhi Bhutto zinda tha, ajj bhi mr 10% zinda hey ;d), plus retail cloth business has super ROI just like medicine although that doesn’t mean wholesale, distribution, manufacturing doesn’t offer anything.
ROI for retail, wholesale, distribution, manufacturing cloth business, varies between 5% -60%.
Now this doesn't mean that 5% ROI is less in cloth, this 5% is actually in distribution, wholesale business models, where sales volume is way higher then retail so you earn immensely while in manufacturing minimum ROI is 10-15% means one can even earn a lot more in manufacturing but the problem is, manufacturing requires way way more investment like minimum 80 million Pkr (in 2022).
And if you have like low investment then you should go for retail, where minimum ROI is between 40-60%.

3.      Food Business

Yep, you heard it right, again 180 million people, they need to eat something daily because their survival depends on it and that’s why we have these awesome food streets from namak mandi of Peshawar to monal in Islamabad to food streets in Lahore and Karachi.

Pakistani waisay bhe khao peo geo type lug hain… ;)

ROI varies between 30%-70% for both small outlets like chai walas, burger walas plus larger ones like typical restaurants, savour foods etc.

At small outlets taste sells, at medium outlets quality food plus taste sells and at bigger outlets its all about bling bling, decoration of the outlet plus super cool customer service including quality plus taste.

4.      Property Business

Again 180 million will need a place to settle in, urban growth is another indicator that property sector is doing great in Pakistan, all these immense, huge housing schemes, townships, Bahria towns blah blah towns etc are all good indicators of that.
ROI varies between 25%-70% although remember that you have to wait for the right time to get huge ROI and also you need to consider money devaluation, inflation, economic growth of the region, taking political & security situation etc into the equation.
Other important things that can make a piece of property sell like a hot cake is facility of electricity, gas, road, drinking water, security, hospital nearby, quality school/college nearby, airport nearby, public park nearby,  minimum time access to main highway or motorway, NOC from government etc.
If these things are available in a given piece of property then you should invest in it, you will be happy that you did after 2-6 months.
These things should be in your checklist, you should only invest in particular property business when you are absolutely sure that most of these things are coming in the given property.

5.      Retail, Wholesale, Distribution Mix (Grocery)

From selling shampoos, bath soaps to cooking oils, vegetables, cigarettes in your outlet at bulk, retail price etc can also provide a good opportunity to have a stable and continuous source of income without much risk.

Again, take the basic needs of 180 million people into perspective, although (quite obviously) you will not get all the 180 million coming to your outlet only but you can, well, gauge the demand of the items, services you should be offering at your retail store, general store etc.

Success in this business is almost entirely dependent on customer flow to the outlet, so make sure you launch such a business at some really hot place, the more customer flow, the more opportunities to sale consequently the more profit.
Plus you should have all the variety, products under the Sun, at your outlet, to make healty ROI here.

ROI varies between 10%-50%.

6.      Automobiles Business

People in Pakistan have been earning quite good in recent times, purchasing power has increased quite rapidly and so do the affordability of various “luxurious” items.

Once there was time when few or just couple of people used to have a car in the whole village or town (talking about 60’s,70’s,80’s) now you see 100’s in each small town or village.

ROI here varies between 10%-35%.
Since most buyers (60%) in Pakistan prefer buying from company outlets instead of car bargains, so if you have like amount to book like 9 lakh rupees car at company outlet and that car will arrive after 4 months, that means you can earn minimum of 5-10%  by selling a car that you booked 4 months prior as the new buyer don't want to wait for that long (for 4 months).
So if you have investment cycle where you get a new car each month from company outlet and each car cost for instance 9 lakh rupees, that means you will be earning 45 to 90 thousand rupees each month according to 5-10% ROI.

7.      Smart Phones Business

Although constant technological disruption or change makes it a lot hard for majority of people to get some real money out of this business sector but once you get your hand in the right spot you can really make some serious money in this sector.

Demand for smartphones is huge, ROI is quite healthy and sales are immense all you need is a right location, right investment, right time, right approach, right management to reap some serious ROI.

ROI here varies between 5%-30%.

Beside average life span of a smart phone is 4.7 years and there are around 4 caror smart phone users in Pakistan, using 3G/4G. So you can imagine the demand!

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