309Write - Dieters, listen! Here’s the most effective key to weight loss

When it comes to dieting and weight loss, we are all likely to get lost in the details of the great new lifestyle: hydration, clear foods, big breakfast, small dinner, workouts, small portions, healthy snacks, low carb meals, forgetting bread forever and the list goes at a great length – probably this is a neverending what-to-do-note… Well, naturally, there’s a lot of factors that we are able to apply for the best results, yet still, the big secret truly exists. And it is called ketosis

Are you aware of the meaning of this word? Let us help you: it’s a metabolic state. A state of your body when the main energy source gets changed from carbs to ketones. So simple and so good: ketosis is a result of metabolizing fat to provide energy – so it’s considered as the most simple and effective way to reach your goals. Moreover, it’s proved to be healthy as hell

Ok, but how? – here comes the question. Well, the answer comes too: long-term ketosis is best to reach by the mix of a low-carb diet, consumption of ketoproof coffee and systematic fasting. Don’t worry, this is not the fainting kind of fasting, it’s just a rule that says you have to wait 12-15 hours between dinner and breakfast. At first, it may sound scary, but think it through: dinner at 7 PM, ketoproof coffee in the morning (which is perfect to fight your morning cravings), breakfast at 10 PM. Sounds possible, isn’t it? This kind of fasting each day will totally improve your digestion, help you to sleep better and produce more and more energy, moreover, it’s able to protect your body and immune system from different diseases!

If we’re ready with fasting, let’s move on to the most important element of weight loss: staying in ketosis. How? With awesome foods that contain a huge amount of good fats (salmon, avocado, nuts, coconut oil, olive oil, dark chocolate, high-quality cheese, whole eggs, chia seeds, meat), with a great source of protein (plant-based milks, eggs, meat, almonds and nuts, fish), and –naturally- with foods that provide some carbs and fiber at the same time (vegetables and some types of fruit). Are you ready to break up with grains and sugar? It’s time to bring your body into ketosis!

Last but not least, let’s talk about ketoproof coffee, the third factor of long-term weight loss: drinking a cup of delicious, creamy coffee with high-quality butter and some MCT or coconut oil – the perfect source of energy in the morning! Good quality fats provide you with the needed energy, caffeine boosts your metabolism and the awesome flavour of this drink turned out to be best to totally blow your hunger away – drink it in the 15 hours of fasting (yes, you don’t need to consider this drink as a meal) and wait for the results… Ketosis ON!

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