309Write - Easy 4 step recipe to make coconut laddus

These are made with a mixture of coconut powder, milk and sugar. Small balls are prepared from this mixture to make the laddus. These laddus can be made in many different ways.

Some recipes also include khoya or sugar syrup that can make the laddus sweeter and softer. So we have for you a quick recipe to make these mouthwatering laddus at home in just 4 steps. Check out the recipe below and satiate your sweet tooth cravings!

Step 1


Heat ½ cup milk in a pan and add 2 cups of coconut into it. Mix well to ensure that the coconut is covered with milk and becomes wet. 


Step 2


To this, add ¾ cup of sugar and give it a good stir. You can adjust the amount of sugar according to your requirement. Cook this on low heat till the sugar begins to melt and the mixture achieves a thin consistency.

Step 3


Once the milk begins to evaporate and the mixture achieves a crumbly texture, remove from heat. Let it cool. Add ½ tsp cardamom powder for flavour. 


Step 4



Make small balls from the mixture and roll these into a plate full of desiccated coconut. Once done, serve these laddus.


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