309Write - Eggless Chocolate Mousse

Eggs have been a vital part of chocolate mousse since the French invented it. The egg yolks are added to the chocolate and whites are beaten to form a foamy mousse. If you do not like to eat raw eggs in any form, or observe a vegetarian diet, the eggless chocolate mousse recipe is made for you! Try this short n quick recipe today without eggs and enjoy homemade eggless chocolate mousse.


Sweetened Chocolate     250 Grams

Heavy Whipping Cream       1 cup


Kiwi      to Garnish





1=Take chocolate in a double-boiler and melt until tempered


  • 2=Turn off the heat and let it cool.
  • 3=In another bowl, take heavy whipping cream and beat to form soft peaks.
  • 4= Add the tempered chocolate to the whipped cream
  • 5= Fold it slowly with a whisk
  • 6=Transfer to a piping bag and pipe into glasses.
  • 7=Garnish with shredded chocolate and kiwi
  •                      Enjoy




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