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Over the centuries, Turkey has been a melting pot of cultures ever since the Ottoman Empire branched out from the Arabian Peninsula to reach the Mediterranean. As a result the culinary heritage of the region has had a wide range of influences that evident in the way its cuisine has evolved today. If you wish to savor the best that Turkey has to offer, then you must begin with desserts. Right from the mouth-watering Revani to Maraş ice cream, Turkish cuisine certainly holds an undeniable allure. So, today we help you take a look at some recipes to exotic Turkish desserts you must try at least once in your life

  1. Cevizli Sucuk or Turkish Walnut Sausage

The intriguing Cevizli sucuk is also referred to as Küme. It is best described as strands of dried fruit and nuts that are dished up on a strings. These are usually laced with a syrup of non-sweetened grape. These strands are sun dried for hours on end before they are ready to be consumed. These are most popular on city streets where locals relish this dessert

  1. Revani or Semolina Cake Drizzled with Syrup

Although the Revani may have originated in Turkey, it is now globally relished. You shall need semolina to prepare this cake that is drenched in saccharine syrup to boost the taste before you include some orange flower water to flavor it. Garnish it with pistachios and it’s ready!

  1. Ayva Tatlısı or baked quinces

When quinces are in season, the Turkish dessert called Ayva Tatlısı is made. For the uninitiated, the quince is an exceptionally sour fruit that is first boiled or baked before it is deemed edible. This dessert is then garnished with lots of kaymak and raisins. Finally, a thick stream of honey or sweet syrup is poured over the dish to make the tangy fruit very appetizing.

  1. Maraş Ice Cream

If you thought the Italian gelato was the last word in delectable ice cream, then you probably haven’t tasted Maraş ice cream. This is far greater in popularity than the gelato and is made from goat’s milk. It was first invented in the 16th century and has ingredients like goat milk, sugar, powdered orchids and Arab gum. With a dense texture and deep flavor, it is best savoured in peach, vanilla and red currant flavors.


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