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As summer is officially here, you may be looking for ways to sufficiently hydrate your little ones so they can beat the sweltering heat. Yet, your kids may be clamouring for ice-cream, candy and frozen treats that all their friends are having. So, it comes as no surprise that most parents wish to offer their tiny tots healthier versions of ice-creams and smoothies that can cool the little ones during summer. Take a look at a few exciting recipes that offer your kids their daily dose of fresh fruits and veggies without sugar or harmful additives

  1. Jelly rolled frozen grapes

If you have little time to prepare summer treats because your kids are being a handful, then this is the recipe for you. 2022 has seen a trend of freezing grapes as a cooling treat that is healthy and not as sugary as packaged popsicles. Frozen grapes are low-fat and low-calorie making them the ideal snack for young ones. Try this version of the recipe to make delicious jelly rolled grapes. You may substitute your choice of jelly be it strawberry flavor, lime jelly or even orange jelly. Use seedless grapes for the best results!

  1. Deliciously healthy veggie smoothies

Almost every parent struggle to feed their kids the vegetables and greens that are necessary to nourish their young bodies. While some kids throw vociferous tantrums to boycott greens and sprouts, others silently refuse to eat unless they are served their favorite food. So, use these smoothie recipes to sneakily disguise the vegetables and serve them up in a refreshing and tasty format that appeals to your kiddos.

  1. 3 Ingredient honey lollipops for sore throat

If the constant barrage of frozen foods and ice lollies has given your kids a sore throat in the height of summer, then fret not. You can use home remedies to cure the sore throat so that you child can resume meals without a painful throat. This recipe to 3-ingredient honey lollipops may be just the thing for your little one

  1. Fresh Seasonal fruits popsicles

Kids often adore having ice lollies and popsicles to beat the summer heat. But you may be concerned about the sore bought variety of ice creams as they lack nutrition and are packed with sugar and preservatives. A nifty solution would be to use this recipe for homemade fruit popsicles. It can help you whip up a healthy and refreshing treat for your offspring in no time at all!


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