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While wellness trends come and go, green tea has been a classic as people have used it for medicinal purposes for centuries. For the uninitiated, this type of tea is brewed from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Right from improving cerebral development to aiding you in shedding those pounds, green tea brings forth a wide array of benefits. However, if you are concerned about your skin health, then fret not. We reveal the skin benefits you can expect after consuming green tea for your face

  1. It safeguards you against the risk of skin cancers

This tea has polyphenols in addition to catechins that boast antioxidant properties. These can then combat free radicals in your body that usually tend to negatively impact your health and cause cancers should their levels rapidly increase.

  1. It’s graced with anti-aging properties


A youthful appearance is what many hope to achieve. While you cannot turn back the hands of time, you can improve skin health by drinking green tea, which boosts cellular regeneration. The antioxidant EGCG ensures that your skin cells are protected. Sipping this beverage gives you vitamin B-2 that improves your collagen levels and keeps your skin taut and smooth, which gives you a youthful glow

  1. It has anti-inflammatory properties


Apart from drinking this beverage, people have also used green tea to soothe cuts and inflammation on their skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties help you banish redness or irritation from your face. The use of this tea has been useful when it comes to aiding the treatment of dermatological issues like psoriasis or rosacea

  1. An excellent remedy for acne


Whether you have oily skin or simply acne stemming from hormonal imbalance, the antimicrobial properties of this tea can be immensely helpful. Therefore, you can use it to prevent the spread of acne as well as to treat inflammation and restrict bacterial growth for healthier skin.

Apart from aiding weight loss and enhancing wellness, green tea has vitamin E, which tends to hydrate your face and nourish your skin. So feel free to routinely use or consume green tea for its therapeutic benefits

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