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The sweltering heat of the summer sun is now upon us and thus, you probably need more ways to creatively hydrate apart from quenching your thirst with water. Including veggie-rich salads in your meals this season is a great way to avoid dehydration. Right from using foods of every colour to in-season produce, crunchy or creamy salads are perfect for hot summer nights. So, take a moment to embrace some of these delectable recipes for salads that you can make in your home kitchen

  1. Crunchy Thai Salad with Peanut Dressing

Warm summer evenings probably make you wish you could spend the night under the cool night air and the stars. But the beauty of this crispy Thai summer salad is that it will transport your tastebuds to a tropical paradise. The bed of kale, green onions, cilantro and bell peppers set the perfect stage for the tangy dressing made of soy sauce, fresh lime juice, mellow honey and sesame oil. The roasted peanut dressing will perfectly lace the greens to offer you refreshing respite.

  1. Light and fruity summer salad

While you may think that drinking canned fruit juices is a great way to beat the heat. You couldn’t be more wrong as packaged juices usually contain a lot of refined sugar, preservatives and additives. Embrace fresh fruit in your salads instead with this recipe for a light salad that is festooned with strawberries and almonds

  1. Creamy Chicken and Pineapple Salad

If you don’t mind a non-vegetarian core ingredient to your meals, then this chicken salad is for you. Its closest cousin can be a nice Russian salad, when it comes to the flavor palate. However, this one is liberally laced with chicken and chunks of pineapple and tomato in addition to being dressed in cream and mayonnaise. Perhaps you should give this a miss if you happen to be watching your calories, for others it is a wholesome dish in itself!

  1. Crunchy Cucumber Radish Salad

Prepping a light salad that has a colourful mix of root vegetables and hearty greens is a great way to induce a fresh feeling despite feeling sated after the meal. This salad is one you can make in under 5 minutes as you just need to toss it together and it won’t make you cheat on your diet!

  1. Carrot, corn and bean salad

A quick salad made with simple ingredients that are readily available, this uses cabagge and rajma or kidney beans that are a staple in most Indian homes. You would also need cooked corn and shredded carrots among other veggies, but you can always swap out the ranch dressing with any other sweet and mild salad dressing of your choice. As the recipe demands minimal prep, you won’t have to do much to make this a wholesome meal for your family.


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