309Write - The Best Swimming Pools at Santorini Hotels

The island of Santorini in Greece has some of the best swimming pools the world over to offer as long as you know where to look.

Swimming pools can be found across the island and the whole of Greece, but not all of them are created equal. This collection of the best pools in Santorini is sure to help inform and inspire any undecided travelers!

Guide to Santorini

Santorini is made up of two main towns, Oia and Fira. Oia is the more luxurious town, where travelers go for fine dining and upscale shopping, whereas Fira is Santorini’s capital, offering more nightlife and other shopping opportunities.

Santorini is famed for its volcano, Thera. The caldera of the volcano is a hotspot for travelers who visit the stunningly beautiful island, which has villages perched atop its craggy peaks. The town of Oia, located along the northern edge of the caldera, allows tourists to take in the most breathtaking view of the famous Santorini sunset.

It is built along the steep slope of the caldera and the houses and restaurants are built into niches carved into the caldera on the seaward side, creating a visually appealing effect. There are narrow passageways and a central square. The sun shines brightly for more hours in Oia than it does it Fira, making the town perfect for taking a dip in a relaxing swimming pool.

The island is known for its colorful volcanic stone backdrop with white houses and winding streets, while climbing the cliffs leads you to villages with breathtaking views of their own.

Stunning swimming pools on Santorini

For those who want to sunbathe and relax by a luxurious pool, Santorini is the perfect place to go if you know where to look. Some of the nicest and most scenic swimming pools in Santorini and the entirety of Greece are outlined below to help guide you in discovering the most deluxe pool experience on the island.

These magnificent pools in the hotels are managed by Hotel Keys which belongs to the Hotel Brain Group.

Pina Caldera Residence

The Pina Caldera Residence is sure to satisfy anyone seeking a high-end experience on the stunning island of Santorini. The private villa is perfect for a romantic getaway and features one of the most beautiful plunge pools on the island. The property is owned by Aria Hotels, a name synonymous with opulence and comfort across Greece, and definitely lives up to its reputation.


Pina Caldera is notable for having a pine tree on site, which is incredibly rare across the island and certainly adds a dash of exclusivity to the property! However, what the residence is most known for is the stunning private patio with a bright blue plunge pool nestled on it. Swimming in an exclusive pool on the island of Santorini is a unique experience in and of itself, but the pool at Pina Caldera can be elevated further by using the built in whirlpool feature

Andronis Arcadia

Andronis Arcadia Hotel has been awarded five stars — and for good reason. The hotel offers guests a prime location near the town of Oia while still retaining peaceful and luxurious amenities such as a spa and a stunning infinity pool that seemingly drops off into the sea.


The hotel is named after the home of the mythical god Pan, which was described as a place of natural harmony, where the natural world flourished. The idyllic earthly manifestation of Arcadia can be found just outside of Oia’s town center, allowing patrons a very convenient but significantly more tranquil and private experience

Canaves Oia Suites

Canaves Oia Suites is a hotel like no other, perfect for making some incredible memories that will last a lifetime. The hotel itself has some of the most beautiful views of the caldera found anywhere on the island, and places a huge emphasis on a pool-centric experience

Canaves features a variety of room options, but they all feature their own private pool for guests to enjoy. Visitors can bathe in luxury in all of Canaves’ suites, by relaxing in a Junior Suite with their own private plunge pool, or swim laps in the large infinity pool that comes with the suites’ newest build, the Cave Villa

Cosmopolitan Suites

Cosmopolitan Suites is located in the heart of the capital of Santorini, Fira. The hotel is known for its array of tailor-made services for guests, going above and beyond to make sure that every comfort to which visitors are accustomed is met and exceeded. Comprehensive concierge services cater to one’s every need, meaning that guests can spend their time relaxing.


And what better place to relax than Cosmopolitan Suites’ breathtaking infinity pool overlooking the caldera. Lounging next to a swimming pool on Santorini with a stunning spread of gourmet snacks may be one of the best ways to spend an afternoon the world over.

Andronis Luxury Suites

Andronis Luxury Suites is known across the island for being one of the most magnificent places to stay, featuring amazing caldera views. The suites are all built in the traditional Santorini style, with white-washed walls and blue accents, perfectly immersing you in the local culture. However, the suites are elevated in order to provide guests with every modern convenience imaginable.


The suites offer guests a stunning common pool on top of multiple suites which feature their own private infinity pools, cave pools and heated Jacuzzis perfect for the more discreet traveler

Old Castle Oia

Watching the sun set down the caldera from the infinity pool at Old Castle Oia is a once in a lifetime experience. The hotel is nestled in the iconic cliffs of Oia and can help guests have the most amazing experience on the island, catering to every need before you can even think of them. With concierge services, laundry and pressing available, and transfers to and from the airport or port, Old Castle Oia has truly thought of everything

Placed right next door to a Byzantine castle dating back to the 15th century, Old Castle Oia offers the perfect combination of culture and extravagance. The hotel offers guests a choice of five stylish suites, with the majority of them feature private jacuzzis, and one even granting guests access to their own personal infinity pool

Grace Hotel

Lauded by many TripAdvisor reviews as featuring the “best view of the sunset in Santorini,” Grace Hotel is certainly not one to miss. The stunning accommodation features private indoor and outdoor spaces for guests, regardless of whether you choose to stay in a deluxe room, a suite, or even the jewel in Grace Hotel’s crown, their lavish villa.

Take a dip in the private heated private plunge pool which is included in the outdoor space adjacent to every room or venture out to the hotel’s incredible swimming pool which stretches across the Santorini cliffside; either way, you are sure to have a wonderful experience swimming in luxury.


Regardless of which jaw-dropping swimming pool you choose to indulge in on the island of Santorini, the experience is sure to be unforgettable.

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