309Write - Ways to stay motivated if you don’t feel like working out

Do you want to make your once-a-week strength class or Sunday spin session a regular occurrence? You may be one of many infrequent exercisers who wants to sweat more frequently but struggles to find the workout motivation to make fitness a part of your daily routine.

If you find yourself making excuses not to exercise, the following 4 motivational ideas are for the days when you don’t feel like working out.

Tackle tiredness

If you're tired, analyze whether it's physical or mental tiredness. If your sleepiness isn't caused by a lack of sleep, sickness, or a physically demanding job, you're probably mentally exhausted. While mental tiredness might often feel physical, physical activity is one of the finest remedies, and once you start, you'll feel better

Make goal-setting a habit

Instead of concentrating on your weight, inches lost, or fitness level, concentrate on developing the habit of training. Do it even if you just get out of bed at the same time and go for a stroll and stretch. No matter what goal you set for yourself, developing a fitness habit at the same time is crucial to your long-term success. Once you've established some consistency in your training regimen, you can achieve any objective you set for yourself.

Participate in a sport or an activity

If you're not exhausted, stressed, or tired, your blah mood may just indicate that you need to change up your daily routine. Sports and outdoor activities are excellent ways to exercise outside of your regular routine. Any physical activity is beneficial as long as the individual enjoys it, but workouts that elevate your heart rate are the best

Take your time

When beginning a habit, it is easy to become too motivated and do too much, too quickly, and too rapidly. For the first several weeks, make it a habit to exercise every other day. Then, in between weights, kickboxing, or more challenging workouts, then do something simple, such as walking. If you pace yourself at first, you will be more likely to sustain that speed in the long run

The imagination is a powerful tool that you can utilize to supplement your training routines. When it comes to motivation, you're up against your own mind, so you must persuade it that there is a valid cause to exercise.

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