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A picnicby the sea


  The Telek Chem ang is within 12 km of Port Dickson, in the Negeer Seyblan.  It is a popular beach where many people go and relax.


  It was one day in Chinese New Year celebrations that we had a picnic in Telugu.  I went there with my uncle and his family.  Five, we were my uncle, his wife, their two children and me.  My uncle put us in the car.


  We arrived about ten in the morning.  The beach was crowded with other holiday makers.  Anyway, we were able to find a place in the shade of a large tree and put our stuff in there.  My aunt prepared a carpet for us to sit on.


  Two-speedy, except for my aunt, we were enjoying ourselves at sea.  She was sitting on the couch watching.


  The water was nice and refreshing and I loved pouring it on my cousins.  However, the hot sun above can be very comfortable.  And about an hour later, my uncle told us to sit in the shade for a while.  The sun was coming up.  So we went back out of the sea.


  We made sand in the shade of some trees.


  Time passed quickly.  Soon we heard our aunt calling us to lunch.  We ran to her and helped ourselves to the delicious shrimp she had brought.  Then we had several glasses of ice-cold drinks from Thermos flask.


  After lunch we play in the sea a few times.  The sun was very hot.  So we went to the nearby hotels and washed ourselves with clean water.


  When we returned, my aunt collected everything in the car.  So we all got into the car and made my uncle come home to Sereb.





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