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Additional Degrees To Consider

 After you have achieved your BA in journalism, you may want to consider furthering your education.  You can choose to embark on getting a post graduate degree and get a Master’s Degree in Arts if you want to open up more doors for yourself.  These days, a Bachelor’s Degree is like a high school diploma used to be 20 years ago.  If you want to go far in any career field, you should consider getting a post graduate degree in that field, including journalism. 

 You can also further your education by getting a degree in other fields that are related to journalism.  If you have always dreamed of a job in front of a camera and want to be a television reporter, you need to look for a degree in broadcasting.  You can then apply to work at a television station as a writer and wait for your big break as a broadcast reporter.  You will need to have not only the knowledge on how to effectively report the news, but also how to broadcast it so that others will pay attention. 

 If you get a following as a television news reporter, chances are that you will be asked to substitute for anchors who are out sick once in a while.  This can lead to a full time stint as an anchorperson.  Many of those who are anchors today began working as news reporters.  Not all just went into broadcasting careers from college.   If you enjoy reporting and like being in front of a camera, you should seek out a journalism career that puts you at a TV station.  With the advent of 24 hour news stations that continue to expand, there is more of a need than ever for those who not only know about journalism, but broadcasting as well. 

 Anchorpersons today do not write their own copy.  A copy writer will write the copy for them to read and they will read it from the teleprompter.  This skill is taught in broadcasting school.  In addition to broadcasting on TV, you might also want to consider broadcasting on radio.  These are all offshoots of careers in journalism.  If there is any reporting to be done, it is important that even broadcasting majors know the fundamentals of journalism. 

 Another degree you may want to pursue is teaching.  A great deal of those who pursue careers in journalism will study for a teaching certificate so that they can either make extra money teaching the course, or they can have a less hectic life.  After many years in the field of journalism, some people look for a change of pace.  Teaching is one of the ways that people can make use of their journalism degree. 

 When you first start out as a journalist, especially if you plan on working for a newspaper, you cannot expect to earn much money.  The money comes as you continue down the career path and add knowledge, experience and more skills to your resume.   A career in journalism should never be stagnant.  You should be seeking to learn new experiences and gain as much knowledge as you can when it comes to this field.

 The more you pursue higher forms of education as well as dabble in other areas of the field, the more experience you will gain and the more doors will be open to you.  If you are considering a career in the field of journalism, you should back it up with a minor in broadcasting, a teaching certificate or be prepared to take additional courses so that you can grow to the heights you want in this exciting career field.

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