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Most people think that potatoes are useless or just junk food. It is a totally wrong perception if at some point your daily potatoes or your fries are not good. We all need some carbohydrates daily with many other helpful minerals. If you only eat carbohydrates without the same things like drinks, rice and desserts; eventually it will be worse for the body that supports the weight of both. But if you cut the carbs with all the sweet fruits and desserts, you can get sick with extra ordinary weight loss. We need good carbohydrates means carbohydrates or sweetness in natural form like rice, fruits or especially potatoes. The potato is a wonderful vegetable that is not a sweet fruit but is high in carbohydrates. But it does not have a lot of carbohydrates, but it does have enough iron and an incredible daily need for vitamin C. It is not absorbed in the body, so it is necessary to take some juicy fruits. But if you do not like them or every day you can eat French fries or mashed potatoes. Yes, boiling any vegetable or fruit ruins most of the minerals it contains. So make fresh fries without boiling the potato. This is how you can also get Iron and Potassium. Remember, using all or method of use depends on how helpful or how harmful. Potatoes like rice digest in many hours, so do not eat them at bedtime or if you have severe stomach illness or any other ailment when you cannot digest them quickly or in bed. For every day, use some spices that are good for digesting such as Oriental Five hot spices or cloves or cinnamon. They have many other good qualities that also include a lot of iron n minerals. Eat potatoes, be happy.

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