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Are your social efforts aligned, does social media impact SEO? This is a common question among marketers and most are...
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witter has taken over the world. What was once a simple social network for sharing short, snippets of text with...
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Barack Obama’s memoir is landing. So is a biography of Adrienne Rich and buzzy fiction from Jo Nesbo, Nicole Krauss...
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Life is a journey of twists and turns, peaks and valleys, mountains to climb and oceans to explore. Good times and...
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It is very difficult to write today. My bones ache. I cannot sit upright and my fingers are jumping from the letter L to the enter key. I think the jitteriness is a side effect of my medicine. For the past few days, the pain has regulated me to a supine position. My wireless keyboard and adjustable bed are my saving grace during this lingering illness. The doctor told me fifteen years ago that my spine is riddled with osteoarthritis and I will be on pain medicine until I die. It is heredity, you see, my dad’s spine collapsed from osteoarthritis and he died a painful and terrifying death. I know, I was there. However, amid my suffering, I had a Divine vision of helping women overcome their crises of life, and I refuse to let go. The seeds of my writing hopes and dreams planted over a decade earlier are growing into heavy-laden fruit trees. I want to run into my garden and take a big, juicy bite! But it is not the right time.
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How To Get Started Writing Before Graduation
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Alex Trebek, Longtime Host of ‘Jeopardy!,’ Dies at 80
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Salman khan comes in at number two on our list. At age 55, he still looks thirty years old. People...
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A great many people who want to be writers say that they want to have a career in journalism. ...
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