309Write - Chicken Cadahi, Eastern Fried Curry

Chicken Carahi/Cadahi

A most Favourite Oriental/Asian Fried Curry

It is made with Chicken or meat of any kind n it is Called as meat of cattle is used like with Chicken it is called Chicken Carahi, with Mutton it is called Mutton Carahi. Tomatoes, Green Chillies, Green Coriander with little Garlic n Ginger are the vegetables which are used to make Carahi. In dry spices Red Dry chillies, crushed n powdered both, Termeric, Whole Hot spices (powder of 4-5 hot spices, 


Big or Black Cardamom

Black Zeera or Cumin seeds

Darchini or Cinnamon

Some people add black pepper also in it. But mostly it is mixture of 4 ingredients n it is gives very hot and flavoured texture to a Curry or dish. With these ingredients Zeera Crushed n Coriander powder is used. It is full of Iron n Protein with some fibre n Vitamins which are found in vegetables. 

To make a Curry some Oil or Butter oil or mixture of both is used. Fry chicken in oil then add garlic ginger n Termeric. Some fry n then if u r using Mutton don't remove it from the oil but chicken can be cooked much or can be tender much during one makes paste or gravy of tomatoes so remove chicken n add now tomatoes n other all ingredients except Hot spices powder n Green Coriander. Then leave it for few minutes with covered lid till become soften When tomatoes be soften fry them even there is a soft mixture of all then add again Chicken n cook some. Now sprinkle Hot spices, Coriander n if u like give a smell of Coal with flaming Coal in a burner then put it in a small steel bowl n put it in centre of Curry n cover it with a lid. After a few seconds open n serve n eat Ur Curry with flat bread or Naan/Backed flat bread. It is so delicious and healthy.




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