309Write - Dieting - Can it Reduce Weight?

Increased weight is a big problem. A fat tummy makes the body look ugly. People try many different cures and treatments with exercise to lose the weight.
One of the most popular methods tried to lose weight is Dieting.

In dieting you have to eat as less as you can and exercise as much as you can. But many people don't know that it also reduces the energy as well as immunity of the body along with the fat. Which may be dangerous for health.

Fat is due to carbohydrates and proteins which are sources of energy. If they are lost, then energy also gets loose.

DIETING TIP - Dieting can surely reduce weight, but you must take GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES, JUICE AND FRUITS along with exercise during dieting So that the energy level of your body remains maintained. These things don't gain fat in the body and produces new cells.

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