309Write - Features of the new Huawei interface EMUI 10.1


The powerful features of EMUI 10.1 interface

1_The battery

This battery performance improvement was what was circulated by Huawei, where it was confirmed that the battery performance will be improved and its consumption reduced and this is due to the fact that the new Emui 10.1 interface is more programmed and flies to be battery friendly and it has also been clarified that it will not be consumed Only 7% of the total level .


2_Multi-Windows Tasking

Yes, my friend, my friend, this technology is basically available on the interfaces of Samsung phones where you can divide the screen to open more than one application on one screen, but what Huawei will bring in its new interface EMUI 10.1 is not and only the screen section to bear You two windows at the same time, but more, as the matter will be more like a computer. For example, if you want to transfer text from the first half of the screen to the second half of the screen here, the matter will be more smooth and easy, as it will require you to only select the text and pull it to the second half without making copies and Paste, as well as Metal, in case you want to share files from one window to another.

3_Pop Up Application

Yes and this technology will replace many being a technology that enables the phone user to answer a message or lose its content without the need to enter the application and lose it until the whole issue is that Pop Up Application compensates you with an application with a small popup window that enables you to read The content of the message and the answer if you want without requiring you to exit from the application that you were working on, and it is nice that it includes all messaging applications.

4_MeeTime Application

Huawei offersapplication MeeTime withinsoftware and accompanying applicationsnew interface and is EMUI 10.1 application fortalks includes visual saluting aschat you can contact who you want this applicationsimilar toservice Google Duo powered by Google Inc.

_Voice Assistant Celia

Huawei also did not forget the voice assistant part, as is the case with Apple and Samsung, where she also developed a voice assistant to be included for its devices, but to clarify the issue of celia will it be up to the intelligence that reached the voice assistance supported by the competing companies only. It remains a matter of time to be better folded.


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