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Do you believe that life has more than a thousand meanings and each meaning is completely different from the other so that we give life every day a new meaning for it and this is what makes the continuation of life related to the continuation of human beings, but the question is what is life and why does it need us more than we need it The answer is clear and explicit I will give you the example of the moon and the sun. They are two stars that are completely related to each other, so that the moon takes from the sun’s light during the day to shine with it at night.






Therefore, if we go back to our conversation, we find that life requires a deep understanding, and this is only available to humans. Therefore, we must know that no matter how difficult life is, it remains very easy for those who understand it. The basic meaning of life is lived by the ancient Greek philosophers and analyzed its details, when it is calm and when it becomes complicated and difficult to understand except Philosophers, however, did not call life difficult or complicated, but rather called it “the person who does not see in himself beauty does not see in life anything beautiful.”






Perhaps this is the biggest evidence that the Greek philosophers were lovers of life, because they understood the smallest details, and it was not difficult for them to analyze this concept, which was vague for decades, and these philosophers have given us an example of loving life and sharing moments and that's will make you feeling so comfortable and be more helpful and always good for a smile.






In conclusion, I would like to say that life needs the reference and the heart, and as one of the ancient philosophers said, “Live with the feeling, because life is the formation of emotions and feelings.”



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