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Fish can give you countless benefits. The Japanese people and the Eskimos are two famous nations worthy of being an example of fish benefits. Japan and Alaska consume a high amount of fish in their diet. In return, these countries have lowered heart diseases statistics compared to their counterparts. This benefit is just the tip of the iceberg, though. In this article, we’ll dive in the various healthy benefits of eating fish that everyone must  know.

Fish and Contamination issues

Although mercury levels today are being controversial in fish products, there can be ways to avoid them. Many experts suggest that eating those in the lowest level of the food chain may help you consume less and lesser mercury levels. These can be due to the reason that they have lesser toxins compared to bigger fishes.

Unsustainable seafood and fish too may tend to have more mercury. This affects the benefits that one may get from the produce. A varying seafood diet may also help. Alternating fish, shrimp and squid is a good example.

There is advice, of course, to be able to be sure farmed fish are cleaner. These would depend on individual choice and the availability of fish production in your place.

Omega-3 and Fish

Omega-3 is a polyunsaturated fat that is known to benefit overall health. One of the benefits of eating fish is reaping good Omega-3. It can reduce the risk of death, improve mental ability, aids against cancer and prevent dementia. Omega-3 found in krill, fish and other seafood like squid, can sustain good health, reduce arthritis pain and an excellent supplement for pregnant women.

Usually, pregnant women may need more nourishment and specialized nutrients for themselves and their babies. Omega-3 is known to benefit the proper development of the nervous system significantly. Since omega-3 can improve brain development, it can be an added plus for babies. In studies, it has been found out those women who take omega-3 during their pregnancy has kids with better brain development and easier learning capacity in their school lives.

Other studies that involve omega-3 includes omega-3’s benefits on eye health, its capacity to lower risk of heart attack, its ability to stabilize insulin and its help in the workout routine of fitness enthusiast.

Omega 3 in fish diet improve health condition

Minerals in Fish

Seafood contains an abundance of essential minerals, including Iron, Zinc, Iodine and Selenium. These minerals are needed for a healthy bodily system.

Iron is needed to transfer oxygen in tissues and is essential for a healthy immune system. On the other hand, Zinc helps boost the immune system and helps in the growth and repair of tissues. Zinc also functions as a blood sugar regulator and helps stabilize blood pressure.

The iodine found in fish helps in the formation of thyroid hormones which regulates metabolism. On the other hand, Selenium helps in healthy heart functioning, boosts immunity, and is believed to be a powerful antioxidant.

Fish and Weight Loss

Although fad diets come and go, still the fish diet to aid in weight loss stands un-dethroned. It is high in protein yet low in calories and rich in omega-3. Since it has high nutrient levels, it can fill in daily nutrition needs.

However, one should remember that not all fish are created equal. Fish too can have varying benefits depending on the way it is cooked. Grilled and steamed will always be better than fried. When frying, experts recommend coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil to avoid trans fat.

Fish as Disease-Fighting Food

Eating fish regularly or sticking to a fish diet can help protect you from various diseases and illnesses. Of course, oily or fatty fish may hold a better benefit as a source. Below is a list of conditions that fish can help in. Here are some of the diseases that eating fish can reduce.

Heart Disease

As mentioned, fish contains high levels of omega-3, which is known to have benefits for the heart. It reduces the risk of heart disease and improves the chance of surviving a heart attack. These can be due to the capability of omega-3 in fish to lower the triglycerides in the blood. The rise of which may result in heart diseases. Since fish and its health components can reduce blood clotting, it can normalize abnormal heart rhythms.


The PUFAs found in most fish can benefit the brain cell in many ways. Also, a regular fish diet can result to stabilize blood pressure. High blood pressure often can lead to dementia. A study conducted in France suggested that consuming typical seafood at least once a week can lower the risk of dementia than those who eat no fish at all.


Those who eat less fish have a greater chance of developing prostate cancer, says a Swedish study. This is compared to those who have a diet rich in fish and other seafood like crab and lobster.


In Greenland, a population group called Inuits is known to have lower rates of arthritis. This result has been mainly linked to their consumption of fish. Due to its omega-3 components, fish can help fight inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties. These properties also aid in combating pain from arthritic conditions and other chronic pain-inducing diseases.


Again, down to its omega-3 fatty acids, the fish can help lower depressive attacks. It can lighten blues and reduce mental health conditions like manic depressive stints. This is because the fish may raise serotonin levels or the happy hormone.


Fish are a few of the natural foods that have anti-aging properties. It can keep your skin smooth while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Social benefits

In a study in Mauritius, children with high fish consumption starting at the age of three are less likely to have criminal records when they reach the age of 23.


There will be lesser vision problems when you consume more fish. DHA, long-chain fatty acids from the fish, can help protect the eyes from vision loss among the elderly.


As said, the fish can help you with weight loss goals. It is primarily due to its low-calorie content and energy-giving nutrients. Omega-3 in fish can help you burn fats faster and keep you on track in workouts since it enables you to lengthen your lung capacity for longer runs. But remember, though, that obesity can’t be wiped away in a matter of minutes or days. These should be coupled with perseverance, exercise, avoidance of unhealthy foods and inclusion of healthy foods.

There are different ways to be healthy. And all of it seems like a choice. Choosing fish jumping to start your healthy lifestyles seems reasonable enough. Since fish is a Superfood that can render you benefits, it is an excellent way to keep fit, be healthy.

But on a side note, choosing the right fish can help in your fitness goals. Not all fish are created equal, and some may give you some inadequate benefits instead of good. So research first before you buy some and keep the cooking healthy.

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