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              How to earn from Apple's App Store

There are many ways to earn from the App Store. The App Store app is sold a few times more than Google's PlayStore. Of the 432 million phones sold last year, 77 million phones used the iOS app. However, the android app is used on the remaining 352 million mobiles.

Interestingly, despite having so many Android users, only 16% of Android app developers are able to earn $5,000 a month. On the other hand, 25% of iOS and app store developers earn $5,000 a month.

I hope you understand that even though the customer is low, the app store customers spend a lot of money. So, the app store is a good platform for selling apps. The question now is, how does you earn from the App Store?

App Sales in App Store:

You can sell it in the App Store by creating an app. Apple will keep 30% of the money that comes after you sell your app, and 70% will give you. Now you just need to create apps on demand. You created apps that people don't need, that app no one will buy. Some of the most popular app categories are currently in the.

  • music
  •  video streaming
  •  game

You can make payments from the App Store within 45 days after the app is sold. Banks and tax information will be provided to get payment. In this case, keep in mind that you must earn a certain amount of money to make the payment.


You can earn money by keeping the subscription facility for some of the app's special features. For example, in music apps, there is a subscription system for listening to some music. 

You can determine how the subscription charges will be. In addition, free trial facilities can be maintained. For example, you allow the customer to use your app for free for 1 month. He offered to buy a subscription for use from next month.


There's nothing new about advertising. We are currently getting digital everything for free because of this ad. 

The App Store also has the opportunity to advertise. There are many third party media to earn from advertising. The most popular of which is Google's Admob. The amount of revenue is determined by clicking and impresing the app. That is, the more visitors you have, the more you earn.


Another way to earn from the App Store is to sponsor. Although it's a bit difficult to find sponsors. If you find sponsors, you can earn money by promoting their sponsors.


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