309Write - Iranian broth stew

Ingredients for preparing broth:

 • Meat or muscle head with 750 grams of bone

 • Peas and white or white beans the size of 150 grams the size of a glass of rosemary

 • Medium onion 2 to 3 pieces

 • Small potatoes 5 to 6 pieces

 • Enough turmeric or tomato paste

 • Salt and pepper are enough



 Chop the meat into pieces and chop, chop the onion, wash the peas and beans and let it cook on low heat. When the meat, peas and beans are completely cooked, peel the potatoes and add to it. Add a little turmeric or a tablespoon of tomato paste and plenty of salt and pepper and let the potatoes cook. After cooking all the ingredients, about 3 to 4 glasses of water should remain in the container.

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