309Write - Iranian rice and beans

Recommended ingredients for serving pilaf beans:

 • Half a kilo of green beans

 • Half a kilo plant

 • Two designated onions

 • Tomato paste four tablespoons

 • Salt, pepper, turmeric and under observation to see

 • Half a kilo of rice


 How to offer pilaf beans:

 Beans can be limited. Quality for changing the beauty of beans and the beauty of choosing bean pilaf beans are presented in the form of small diagonal and less semi-cooked water. We do this so that the beans soften the rice and cook well. In the absence of this file, it is not yet fully cooked at the time of brewing the surface rice. We can empower the beans and have the form and the formula, and don't go for less that your full potential.


 Plant in bean pilaf:

 We chop the onion and add the bodies along with the turmeric and pepper and serve. The body of the bean pilaf is lightweight and has grown in two ways, and you can like it wherever you like, and you can decide on its flavors, and both are delicious. If you can access it using your facilities, you can one day make a decision to get Reza and give him the best speed and give him a gentle decision.


 Tips for the flavor of pilaf beans:

 Once we can deliver in very easy quality, we can show the half-cooked beans by visiting them and share for free. We add the frying pan to the food and put the Russian paste in the tiffid, and mix the rest of the ingredients and salt and a limited number under it. With the following, you can fully enjoy this service and like to be able to use it. Cinnamon can also be found in pilaf beans.

 The rice is as described in this article: One day we can pour the trusted foam and we will see the bottom of the survey pot and we will pour the rice in a way and let it brew.

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