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The following tips based on real experience of my friends men. Listen to them. But remember that the final choice is yours. In the end, everyone has their own way don't want to offend the point of view of both men and women and respect the attitude to life of every human being.

- Learn. If necessary, it is not rezgui University education. Attend quality courses you are interested in the topic and learn from professionals.

- Learn English to a confident level of proficiency. Without speaking the language, you are depriving yourself of a vast reservoir of information and knowledge, for example, you will be able to study English-language content. Do not stop there. Speak English – learn and other popular languages.

- Engaged in physical culture. Find a sport that brings you pleasure, or other kind of activity that will support you in good shape.

- don't be afraid to watch yourself, watch your nutrition.

- be respectful to your body – keep a healthy lifestyle. Health, including mental and is your main asset.

- Experiment, don't be afraid to change the type of activity and trying new things – so much easier to find yourself.

- Develop interpersonal skills. Always learn to find common language in any situation, try to negotiate.

- Enjoy life. Don't be ashamed of your interests and Hobbies. Put them in first place. Do only what interests and brings pleasure.

- Fear of routine, but always prioritize in my life and more focus on this.

- Master a profession that requires special knowledge and skills. Thoroughly seek information, especially practical that will help you in your employment. Communicate with professionals and people that have already taken place in this specialty.

- Learn to do something with their hands. This will help you in everyday life and can be a good source of income.

- Work on yourself, or at least strive for it. It makes you much more free, and often more wealthy man.

- don't work much or don't work at all, if possible. Avoid overtime, professional burnout and never neglect the rest.

- Use the state to their advantage, but don't let him use you. Always remember about his violent nature.

- Raise financial literacy. Regularly delay a fixed percentage of income to create a cash Fund that will be required of you in the future. Be sensible when spending money. Don't waste your women in all the money and invest in yourself and your development.

- Do not neglect the help of parents.  Do not harm yourself, but use it wisely.  This will give you a good start.

- Be a selfish person.  But within reason.

- While young is not experienced do not rush to conclude a marriage.  Remember the threat of flying.  Always protect yourself, buy contraceptives yourself, be vigilant before, during and after sexual intercourse.  Have children only if you have a strong desire and only at a conscious age.  Remember the threat of a false rape charge.  Be extremely careful and remember where you live.  Do not have sex with minors.

- Do not live under the same roof with a woman who does not respect you, but only respects your status and money.  Appreciate your time and nerves.  Study women and the features of their relationship with men.  Learn the truth about the social game and the man’s place in it.  Understand that they are the same.

- Do not let others impose on you the need to maintain a “right” personal life.  Right or wrong - you decide based on your benefits, desires and comfort.

- People will try to shame you on various occasions.  Spit on them.

- Fear jail and legal problems.  Be careful - big brother is watching you.

- Avoid open conflicts and violence.  Learn to "bend your line" without getting caught "on the record."  Protect yourself and loved ones only with an immediate threat to life.  Remember, the best fight is the one that did not take place.

- Learn from the mistakes of others.

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