309Write - Mobile Phone Smartphones : Part of the life

  • There are so many advantages of "smartphones"

1. Easy Communication

Nowadays, smartphones are very compact and easy to use with lots of feature as a computer. In today's smartphone, we can do 60 - 70% of our computer work like email to video call, and image to video editing easily.

2. Connect with relatives on social media

Social media Fb, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn have changed the world of communication with relatives and friends. Now on most of the social media we can make a voice call, send text messages, share photos & videos, and create pages for business promotions.

3. Promote Business via Smartphones

Promoting our business via Smartphone is also a great benefit of today's businessman. It is best for entrepreneurs to promote their business using lots of online sources and offline sources from a smartphone.

4. Good for peoples safety

Today the world has been changed, and criminal activities were happening on the next level. So keeping a mobile phone with our self everytime is a good safety option.

So it helps us to call the police and relatives. So, as soon as possible, they help us in that situation.

5. Today Smartphone is a Fashion

Yes,  it is right nowadays, the smartphone is the most significant fashion and trend. We can easily find people showing their smartphone in their hands everyone.

6. Make Money from your Mobile phone

Now you can make money using your smartphone. In today's world, there are so many ways to make money using smartphone - like blogging taking photographs to sell, making videos for YouTube, promote your business.


  • As well as we have to face for disadvantages of using "smartphone"

1. It is a Disturbing device

This is a significant problem that we all have seen that mobile phone always disturbs us during our works for business meetings. Not only during business meetings but also it is still a disturbing agent in our life.

2. Accidents and Health issues

Sometimes people use mobile phones during driving, which cause severe road accidents and due to which some people lost their life. Using a smartphone during driving is strictly prohibited, but people are addicted to mobile phones.

3. Bad effect on Health

Old smartphone models cause a different types of Health issues like tumors, deficiency in the immune system, a blood cancer in children's sterility and abortion and many other types health issues due to do mobile phone radiation.

4. Waste of Time

Some children take a terrible habit of mobile phones. They talk on the phone over a mobile phone, play games, watch pictures and videos. In reality, if we say, it is waste much time.

5. Privacy and Security Problems

In today's smartphone, every application needs to sign up before using. For using that application, every person fills up his email details, or some website provides a sign up from media accounts.


We can say that - now we have to understand the proper use of mobile phone smartphone. The mobile phone is not for playing games or for watching long time videos.

Please use your mobile phone for a limited time and use it only for essential works like calling studying, making videos for your YouTube channel and your business marketing. Do not use a mobile phone for a long time and do not get addicted to it.

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