309Write - One of the Best Parts of Life Friendship

Friendship is the sweetest part of life for everyone. If the promises fulfilled with responsibility, then it is the best of all the relations in life. A true friend has a unique place in our eyes. He/she is the person with whom we can share every problem or matter. They will always give you the best advice.


A true friend can help us in the matter where even our parents or relatives may leave alone. They can take a stand for us in all kinds of situations, whether we right or wrong there. A true friend is like a pain killer with ingredients of sharing and caring. In friendship, there are none rich or poor; high or low; good or bad and fool or witty. All are same. I can share a matter with my friend in which I feel ashamed while sharing with anyone else. True friends are the best gift of God to us. 

In contrast,  I want to say that you should take special care of a friend. All friends are not loyal. Therefore, don't trust on someone very quickly. True friends are rare, but if you have such, don't lose them. In today's busy life, people are interested in making friends through social media via internet it may not be good. You can't trust blindly on a person whom you have not seen before. It may be dangerous too. You should be cautious about it even if you think there is no problem with it.


In the context, I want to say that make many friends but trust only one, use social media but be careful while relying on it for a long run.

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