309Write - Persian Fosanjan stew

Suggested Ingredients for Presenting Fosanjan:

 • Half a kilo of walnut kernels

 • Chicken to view value

 • Two onions

 • Pomegranate paste two tablespoons

 • Water one and a half liters


 How to present Fasanjan:

 First of all, you have to rotate the walnuts a few times, because the more they are ground, the more our stew can be thrown away. We saw pedestrians and grated greens with a large number of sharp families. After this day that you see and you are limited. We can also position the chickens and now it has been added for the last time or you can easily make it bad and it has been added once now. Concentrated walnuts can be added to pomegranate paste. Do not add salt.


 Pomegranate and pickle paste limit:

 This stew is cooked in the sights of our beloved country to shape the appearance of cooking and allows you to pay attention and be able to be sweet and supervised. There are different types of pomegranate paste that can be much easier and the nation wants to be there and give you the opportunity to add your own food and pay attention to your family and love and be loved. If you like, you can add a spoonful of pomegranate paste and two or three spoons of sugar. Deficiency is not enough and it is secreted, and this way you can take care of this place and allow it to allow you these days to be able to allow you to be able to afford it.


 Fasanjan color:

 Pomegranate paste may be a dark decision to change the color of walnuts. Another point is that adding sugar turns the color of Fesanjan into dark brown and black. If this is too much, they pour a spoonful of tomato paste into the spoon to make it more colorful.


 Tips for producing and building:

 If you have prepared your own food and found a budget, you can add half a glass of Sardar water at the end without adding oil. This will help you to trade your stew.

 In general, you can destroy your fesnjan and make it lovable by using beautiful photos and techniques and pay attention to Rafi'i's position, thus giving you more water and making it possible for you.

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