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Ingredients for preparing vegetable broth:

  • 300 grams of meat (I used beef)

  • Medium onion 1 pc

  • 200 grams of red beans

  • Crushed vegetables (leeks, coriander and parsley in equal amounts, fenugreek and spinach 1/3 the amount of leeks) chopped and fried 400 g

  • 3 Omani lemons

  • Salt and black pepper and turmeric

  • Saffron if desired

  • 2 pitchers of water (16 glasses)


  Vegetable for Ghorme-Sabzi:

  My dear mother, she always frys and freezes a lot of vegetables so that they are always ready. The vegetables in different parts of our country are different in detail, and that is because there are special vegetables everywhere that suit the tastes of the people.  The area is more appropriate.  In general, some vegetables include leeks, coriander, and parsley in the same amount of spinach and fenugreek.

  The amount of chopped and fried vegetables depends on your family's taste and, of course, the importance of food health.  We chop the chopped vegetables thoroughly and fry them to a great extent.  Of course, not to the extent that the vegetables turn completely black.  But my opinion is that the vegetable stew does not fit well until it is completely fried.  Of course, the less it is fried, the healthier it is, and it is much better to use the whole fried for the guests we give and not to fry too much for home consumption.


  Steps of preparing vegetable broth:

  Soak the beans for a few hours.  Chop the onion and fry in some oil with turmeric.  When it is light and golden, add the meat with black pepper and fry for two or three minutes.

  After the meat is properly roasted, add two cups of warm water and add it under the pot to stir.  Then I moderate the bottom so that it cooks little by little.  Some people also add brewed saffron at this stage to flavor the meat, which I did not use.

  Usually, if my beans are well soaked, I put them with the meat to cook at the same time.  If you think your beans are overcooked, leave them half-cooked and then add them to the meat.

  After about 1 hour, when the meat and beans are half cooked, add the vegetables.  Since I don't have a good relationship with Omani lemon peel and I think it makes the stew a little bitter, I usually separate the skin and eggs of Omani lemon and add the dry pulp with the vegetables to the vegetable stew.

  After an hour to an hour and a half, the vegetables will settle.  Embedded Vegetable Grinding Indicator Vegetable prick is a place where water and water do not separate.  When you pour it on the rice, the juice will not stay on the bottom of the dish and the donuts and vegetables will remain on the rice.  Vegetable juice should be dried to a great extent.  So if you see meat and beans cooked and still

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