309Write - Protecting Your Skin From The Sun: Signs of Skin Ageing and How to Prevent


We sure hope you’ve been enjoying the sunshine, wearing cute tank tops, spending weekends outside at the pool or beach, and generally soaking in all that summer has to offer.

(Yes, it’s HOT, but enjoy it… you’ll need these warm memories to keep you going during the quickly approaching frozen winter months where the sun and all its sweaty glory is sorely missed).

One thing we don’t hope: that you’ve been neglecting to adequately protect your skin! 

Protecting your skin from Sun Damage

Obviously, if you have overexposed your skin to the sun and gotten a painful sunburn, your skin will dry out and peel. But that’s not the only bad thing! The sun damages far more than just the outermost layer of skin, and while one damaged layer peels off, the rest of the damage can be far more deep-set and permanent!

If you have started to notice any of the below, it means you haven’t been taking the time to properly protect your skin this summer!

Increase in freckles

Increase in “age spots” or large brown patches of skin

Rough, dry patches of skin

Puffy under-eye skin

More prominent “squint” lines near eyes

Chapped/peeling lips

Leathery, rubbery feeling skin

Increase in fine lines and wrinkles

Raised bumps like moles or little horns (Actinic keratoses). These can eventually turn into skin cancer, so be sure to have them monitored by a doctor.

We all age! This is a fact, and we simply cannot stop time, nor can we hide from the sun forever. With proper protection and care, though, we certainly can slow down the appearance of ageing! The absolute best way to do this is by nourishing and protecting our face and skin!

As time pass, our skin is slower to replenish itself and has a harder time retaining moisture. This manifests physically by giving wrinkles, age spots, frown lines, and dry or sagging skin.

Protecting and nourishing your skin helps drastically slow this ageing process. Alternatively, exposing your skin to the sun without proper protection will act to speed this process up significantly and permanently!

Tips on Protecting Your Skin

Obviously, the most important rule in protecting your skin during summer (and always) is to apply face cream with SPF daily. If you know you will be in the sun for more than 30 minutes, wear a hat or visor.

Protecting Your Skin By Wearing A Hat Under The Sun

It is also essential to stay hydrated. Your skin’s hydration is fueled by your body. If you are hot, sweating and not rehydrating, your whole body, including your skin, will become dehydrated.

Speaking of sweat, did you know that sweat is a major contributor to clogged pores and blemishes? Cleanse your face right after you come in from a sweaty workout or day out in the sun.

Weekly, you should exfoliate to help remove dead skin and encourage blood flow to the new, fresh skin.

Finally, and of great importance, is you need to feed your skin. Your skin is actually a significant organ in your body. It is exposed daily to heat, UV rays, pollution, toxins, and so much more

Your skin’s job is literally to act as a barrier and protect you from all the harmful factors all around you, every single day!

It needs proper nutrients to regenerate and not break down. A supplement with a cocktail of essential antioxidant vitamins will effectively renew your skin and make you look younger

Ceramides are already found in your body, but as you age, your body doesn’t create them fast enough to make up for the natural loss. Phytoceramides are a plant-derived nutrient that restores the youthful texture, elasticity, and moisture retention of your skin while fighting free radical and stress damage. The end result is that in 30 days, your skin looks and feels younger than ever.

Protecting Your Skin And Apply Sunscreen

Basically, to keep your skin healthy and youthful, you need to do 2 simple things: Prevent and restore.

Prevent damage by protecting your skin from the sun.

Feed it the proper nutrients to allow it to properly regenerate and restore itself quickly, without giving way to the signs of ageing!

Remember to apply sunscreen even during winter days; protecting your skin is a 365-days routine. Use a skin lotion daily to nourish your skin and keep it smooth, soft and ageless!

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