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Qist, Qust


Qist or Qust is a herb which is in fact found first at India or Hind. So in Islamic Customs it is called ‘Qust ul Hindi’. It is suggested in these traditions for Pluersy. But in fact it is an amazing Herb which is beneficial for all the body by it's anti inflammatory n infection characteristics. It's best for skin too. It removes all kind of germs when it uses as Soap or Scrub. But not only purifies but makes smooth n glowing like whitening cream. Though ordinary soaps n whitening stuff is made skin sensitive n some dry. It is best remedy for acne n small scars or dark spots. If ladies make paste n use daily it stops all unwanted extra hairs.


For Eating


It's hundred percent safe to eat but at many places it is used as food or food supplement too.


Kinds of Qust or Qist


It's of two kind, one is sweet which is gotten from sea n called ‘Qust e sheerin’. It's kind which is found at ground or normal soil called ‘Qust evTulkh’. It is some bad or bitter at taste. Mostly it is used for massage oils or Skin products or medicines.


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