309Write - Ramadan best chicken creepy bolls


1=500gram  boneless chicken

2= youget,garam masala , salt , red chilli , floor ,cooking oil all take 1 tbl spoon

3= potato , tameto , ginger galic paste all 3 tbl spoon

4=2 potato cut long in thiny line like we made for chips




take 500gram chicken add number 2 all materials in it and after mixting it take it done on frezer for 15 mint guiz  in this 15 mint take two patayto cut in long thinye style add tamyto gingergerlik paste and patato paste of 3 tbl spoon and mix it well after the 15 mint take chiken and rape a one by one piece of chicken with potato fries and after roll on it u fried with oil in 80% for a 5 mint now it maked  ver nice creepy and delicious ..



also i think u use a mayo and tamayto katchup with it they give him nice taste /.

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