309Write - Red-Room, The Most Terrifying Website

What is Redroom ?

  Redroom is a website on deepweb where victims get killed or tortured to death, these victims could be kidnapped, or they use mad people to get paid for their death..

Let's Talk About Redroom & What goes on there:

  So many people don't believe that Redroom exists, the room of blood, it's really one of the most terrifying websites in deepweb, especially in the most dangerous places in Deepweb, but why do they use such websites like this?!

 Well on this website, they torture people directly according to the desire of psychos lust who want to watch this bloody show, and fulfill their own desire pathetically, normal viewers go to the website to see how the victim would suffer, and the lowest price to watch that is about 0.3 Bitcoin which is equivalent to 3000$ per hour, and this cost may vary depending on occasions, there are other people paying times that amount for being a VIP membership, this kind of subscribers are the ones who control how the poor victim should get tortured, they are ordering things such as ripping off teeth and chopping off heads...

  There are more than  40 special torture machines which look like the ones in the movie of Saw, VIP participants master their goals for their lust satisfaction, until the victim dies of frequent torture or one of the VIP members may add more money to kill the victim the way they want.

  I'm not encouraging you to visit such websites, i advise you not to, and this is just for educational purposes only.

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