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  Religion plays an important role in most people's lives.  When people compare animals or plants to spiritual beings, they yearn to have a close relationship with our Creator.  Regardless of our religious background and beliefs, our religion is a source of lies, morality and comfort and is regarded as a source of comfort in times of distress or grief.


  However, if religion provides a moral code on how to live a peaceful life and one can help to cope with problems, it can be misused.  In fact, most of the problems in the world come from religious extremism or extremism.  Religious extremists take the extremist ideology of religion and use methods of violence to spread their doctrines and ensure that all religious principles are observed.  May  The 2001 World Trade Center bombing in New York is a perfect example.  May  May  The 2002 bombing of Gujarat Muslims in India was the same year as the Bali bombing.  Thousands of innocent people have died in these tragic events.


  Although religion teaches tolerance, acceptance, good deeds and moral values, these fundamentalists hide their own religion for their own benefit.  Religious theorists are, to some extent, abusive because they violate international respect, freedom of belief, and other fundamental human rights.  It is impossible to encourage others to think about the rights of others - their only concern is to achieve their goals through their personal and their bad.  There is little respect for the other's faith and human values ​​as denying the former as deserving of the punishment of "God."

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