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Sounding obvious, but this is one of the most critical steps while you bake your goods, yet we all ignore this step the most. We make the biggest mistake by substituting the ingredients according to whatever we readily have in the kitchen, such as not adding eggs, adding sugar without measuring, using baking powder instead of soda, etc. We strongly recommend not to do this and stick to the recipe and do as it suggests. Do not sabotage your money, time, and efforts. We all are guilty of doing this because sometimes we don't pay attention to these little steps in a rush, and we just quickly want to put the cake in the oven. But proper ingredients are mentioned in the recipe for a reason. The desired cake recipe fails because of using too many substitutes and baking in a hurry

Room Temperature

This step is a little tricky. We often read in a lot of recipes to cool down the prepared goods to room temperature. This step isn't written just for fun. There is a scientific and logical reason behind it. If your recipe mentions "room temperature,"; it means that you should use room temperature ingredients like sour cream, butter, eggs, and milk. For example, if your recipe demands room temperature butter, there is a logic behind it. Butter can hold air, and when it traps the air, the creaming process begins. This, in turn, makes your cake fluffy while baking. Bring your cold butter at room temperature, take it out of the fridge, and keep it outside for about 2-3 hours before starting with your recipe

Perfect Measurements

This tip also sounds very basic but is essential. Most of the mistakes are made here because we miss out on the correct measurement of the ingredients we use to bake cakes. Out of all the ingredients, flour is the most tricky one. Therefore, it is essential to use a measuring cup for the flour and level it with a more accurate knife. Always remember, baking is not very forgiving. One should understand that the correct measuring techniques concerning ingredients would result in the best baking results

Accurate Mixing

When a recipe requires mixing, with a whisk or an electric mixer, make sure the ingredients don't get over mixed. It would help if you mixed it till all the ingredients used are combined well. Whether it is a cake, bread, muffins, or cupcakes, you need to mix it perfectly; otherwise, the air gets deflated from the batter, and the gluten used is over-developed

Let the oven be

The key to perfect baking is patience. Do not open the oven ten times while the cake bakes. Doing this would let the air inside and make the rising cake sink because of the significant temperature change. Invest in an oven thermometer so that you know when your oven is fully heated and when it is time to put the cake inside

Bounce Back Test

You can check whether your cake is fully baked by inserting a toothpick in it. If the toothpick smoothly goes inside and comes back clean, that means your cake is ready. But what if we give you a super easy technique? Remove the cake from the oven and press it gently. If the cake bounces back wholly, it's done. If it doesn't, then the cake needs more baking. Simple

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