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Some beauty tips used by beauty specialists.




I think it happened to all of us to look admiringly at various ladies who have perfect hair, perfect skin, white teeth ... or maybe they even have them all. I admit that I go crazy when I see women with shiny and thick hair or porcelain skin. I don't envy them, I just wonder what their secrets are!

The secrets were revealed by the top specialists of the beauty industry, hairstylists, dermatologists and dentists, beauticians and doctors shared their personal secrets! If there is no fountain of youth without old age, this advice guide is probably the closest thing that would take us there.

Use sesame oil

Massage your body in the morning with sesame oil bought from plafar. It will wake you up by simply applying and restarting circulation. Plus it will give your skin hydration and a healthy glow. Then take a shower, and the oil will naturally remove your dead cells.

Consider fish oil

Anti-inflammatory drugs are the best anti-aging products. From improving the functioning of the heart and the immune system, to growing hair and creating a supple appearance of the skin, they really work wonders.

In one gulp

If you lie down with coffee for an hour, you risk brushing your teeth. But if you drink it in a few sips quickly, you will avoid the annoying effect. The same goes for tea, staining liquids or dark fruit juices.

Give up foundation

Give up daily foundation, it will make your wrinkles stand out even more. Use some concealer where you need it (under the eyes, on red spots, etc.) and then apply some tinted moisturizer, BB cream.

Everything as simple as possible

Although cosmetic surgeons are approached by many skin care companies, many of them have a simple and basic daily routine. When you don't have time to apply I don't know what treatment in 10 steps, choose a cleansing gel from the ceiling, apply some moisturizer and go to bed for a good sleep!

Do not consume white sugar .

White sugar should be avoided as much as possible. It accelerates the aging process by creating clots and weakening collagen in the skin, which can lead to premature wrinkles and sagging skin. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables every day!

 Use white sugar for exfoliation instead.

Combine white sugar with some cleansing gel and rub your face and body with this mix. It will leave your skin very smooth, and your skin will be perfect for makeup.

It gives volume to sleep

Stretch your hair before going to bed and catch it in a light ponytail above your forehead. Maybe next year you will look great in your sleep but in the morning your hair will look much more detailed and full of volume!

Take care of your eye area

Face creams can irritate the eye area, so it is good to have a product specially created for the skin around the eyes. This cream will smooth your wrinkles, and if you choose a gel product you will make sure that the makeup will last all day.

Take care of your hands

Try to do the same thing with your hands every time you show your skin some love. When you exfoliate and apply a mask on your face, exfoliate and apply the same mask on your hands. Use an enzyme concentrate on your skin and hands, it will help you a lot!

Removes stress with massage

Negative energies can be removed with a massage session, and this will make you feel younger from the inside out. Choose reflexology and deep massage.

If you do not have the necessary time or money, choose to dedicate 20 minutes each day to a stretching, meditation and calming session by deep breathing.

Get on your skin with vitamins

Use a vitamin C cream with a 30% concentration. It is a great antioxidant that will repair your skin after being exposed to harmful sunlight. Plus it has a sun protection effect and combined with a special lotion with protection factor, you will get a perfect synergy.

Refresh yourself with fruit

Clean your mouth with any malic acid fruit - strawberries, apples and grapes - it removes stains.

Are you in a hurry? Choose a primer!

If you are in a hurry to fly through the door, use an illuminating primer on the skin and chest. It has reflective particles that give you a radiant look and will fade expression wrinkles.

Create stairs in your hair

Choose to spin your hair in front. Long, straight hair will create an effect of sagging and tired eyes.

Try this hair trick

Instead of applying curls with a gel, apply a small amount of conditioner or hair mask before drying. The conditioner will temper the rebellious hairs and will also give you extra hydration.

Love your eyelashes

Apply very little eye cream on the lashes, so they will not dry and degrade, but will remain hydrated and healthy.

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