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Terrazzo: Not Just For Flooring Anymore

Terrazzo, which is a mixture of marble, glass, granite, or quartz chips set in concrete and then polished, first became popular in the 15th century and was used for flooring until it went out of fashion in the mid-1970s.

In the last few years, however, terrazzo has been making a comeback and not just for flooring this time.

In the Kitchen – Countertops made out of terrazzo are a fabulous “green” choice for any kitchen.

The material is durable, and you can refinish it when needed. Terrazzo is heat and scorch resistant, which is an excellent quality to have for a kitchen countertop.

These gorgeous countertops are also resistant to scratches and stains if they’re sealed properly, and you reseal them on a regular basis. You can get terrazzo in almost any color to match your décor.

If the speckled design feels too busy for your countertops, opt merely to have it installed on your kitchen island.

The beauty of the terrazzo will make your island stand out as a focal point in the room.

You can even get terrazzo tiles and use them for your backsplash to coordinate with your island for a fabulous and elegant look that everyone will admire.

In a Bathroom – Placing terrazzo in your bath will immediately create a sophisticated look that you won’t see in many homes.

Use it for your vanity top and match it with raised sinks for a chic appearance that will give your master bathroom an impressive and expensive look.

You can also use terrazzo to create an accent wall. Such a wall will make a dramatic statement behind a freestanding bathtub.

Use it in the base of your shower or even on the shower walls for a clean, natural look.

You can also combine it with other types of tile and create an inlay of terrazzo along one wall for an artistic appearance that you and your family will love.

Terrazzo will even work well for your shower niche and add panache to your overall bathroom design.

Terrazzo mixtures usually come in random, speckled designs.

However, you can also have custom designs done in specific geometric patterns for added interest and beauty.

Stay with similar color chips for a classy look or choose a variety of colors for a bolder style.

Whichever way you decide to go, you’ll love the result, and you will add value to your home with this distinctive look.

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