309Write - The Aura Migraine

The Aura Migraine

Not everyone experienced this, but if you ask the ones who already tried it, their reply would absolutely be "a hell" because it lets you feel the worst pain ever in one off your head's sides, like if your head is gonna explode, but this has warnings letting you know that you are about to have it, before it even starts, this is how:

The first second:

You may be shopping or walking into woods and suddenly you see a tiny dot in your vision, just like if the sun was reflected in a car's window glass to your eyes and even after it passes, you still see the dot in your vision.

15 minutes later:

The dot got big enough to be called an aura, in this stage you don't feel good at all, you're worried, if it's your first experience you will think that you're losing your vision, you just don't see things properly, for example if you look at my eyes, you don't see my eyes but you can still see what's around them as long as you don't look around my eyes.

25 minutes later:

This is where the worse things start to happen, the aura in all around your vision, and sometimes you feel like if you are looking through a tunnel, a cloud tunnel, in this stage, any smell or especially parfume smell will absolutely make you throw up, your heart pulses fast, you prefer to close your eyes rather than looking, sometimes you hear bells in your ears.

40 minutes later:

The tunnel begins to disappear, and then you start to feel like a pulsing in one of your head's sides, this is the worst part, if you fell asleep before this stage, then you're extremely lucky, or else this is your hell hell begins here, one of your head's sides start to hurt and feels like pulsing, like if your head is gonna explode, believe me you won't be able to take it but you'll have to, it's ten times worse than a toothache, yeah the pulsing one, the only thing you have to do is, to deal with it for at least six hours, try to sleep, and stay in a dark room, that helps a bit, but the pain will be still there.

6 hours later:

After the six hours pass, you start to feel the pain is getting off, reducing little by little, it takes about 1 hour and then it will be gone, you will need to sleep, you just feel tired and just passed through a horrible pain... I hope you'll never experience this.

How I avoid it: 

It used to happen to me for years, since I was 12 years old, I was experiencing it every 2 weeks or every month, but one day my brother told me that it used to happen to him too, just like me until he used tobacco, I don't know whether it works or not but I do something else, when I first see the dot in front of my eyes, I keep shaking my head to the sides quickly, but not that quick till it hurts, but still quickly, for about 30 to 40 seconds, then the dot disappears, it works for me 6 years ago.

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