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  For a long time, people made a series of health plans by themselves, which were executed consciously by perseverance. Because they were boring and difficult to adhere to, they usually gave up halfway through. With the rise of the mobile Internet, the methods of healthy lifestyle management have also changed. A series of mobile Internet health management tools provide people with a lot of convenience, making lifestyle development more interesting and people more active.

lifestyle:The World Health Organization has summarized the factors affecting health as follows:


Health = 60% lifestyle + 15% genetic factors + 10% social factors + 8% medical factors + 7% climate factors


This shows that healthy lifestyle management is the most important strategy in the emerging personal health management. A healthy lifestyle needs to be cultivated, and the initiative to cultivate lies in the people themselves. The concept of lifestyle management emphasizes that individuals are responsible for their own health.

Brushing time:Three minutes after a meal is the best time to rinse and brush your teeth. At this time, the      food in the mouth begins to decompose food residues, and the acidic substances produced are easy to corrode tooth enamel and damage the teeth. Brushing your teeth at night is better than brushing your teeth in the morning. This is because if you eat during the day, some things will be blocked between your teeth. If you do not brush your teeth before going to bed, the food will be fermented and decayed overnight, and bacteria will multiply. The produced lactic acid will seriously corrode the gums and cause dental caries (that is, tooth worms) or periodontal disease. inflammation. So brush your teeth at night.

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