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The Rising Trend & Dynamics of Supermarket

The term Supermarket has its meaning, pinned in the name itself which is Super (Huge Area) and Market (Shopping Place) characterized by the variety of facilities with more items, high volume and operations performed on self-service. Supermarkets having different dynamics which offer a wide variety of food items, canned and frozen products, meat, bakery and dairy products. Non-food items are also available in a wide range which includes household items, cleaners, apparel and garments, electronic items, medicines and pet supplies.

The most special feature of supermarket is they are mostly located near residential areas, for the convenience of customer and quick accessibility.

The history of self-service grocery store was developed by an entrepreneur Clarence Saunders and his Piggy Wiggly stores which he opened in 1916. In the 1930s, supermarkets have gained so much recognition in the United States such as Kroger and Safeway.

Customer prefers shopping at supermarkets rather than shopping at retail stores or local markets. Supermarket offers variety of products under one roof which is very convenient for customers. Here, the products are available in bulk quantity, stocked in systematic and organized manner with infrequent changes in prices comparatively to local markets. It becomes more convenient for customers to find their desired products, and buy it because of the departmental infrastructure for the product lines.

Methods Of Operations

Supermarkets offer price label or price tags along with the products, so that, the customer can clearly read the price from a distance. In the supermarket, sellers are employed in the least number, customer can pick the item which they are willing to buy, put in the trolley or basket, take it to the payment counter then pay the bill. Supermarket sells the goods on cash-basis not on credit terms. Due to the wide range of products, different departments and sections are setup so there is a convenience for customers to find the products easily.

The market offers the customer the facility of parking, prayer area, etc.

Features Of Supermarket

Supermarkets have many distinguished features and several characteristics, some of them are:

  • Wide Range Of Products: Supermarkets offers customer a variety of product range, and unique experience of shopping of all items at one place which includes food items, vegetables, and fruits, spices, frozen foods, meat but also the household items, cleaner and detergents, ready-made garments, electronic equipment, cosmetics, and makeup products, even medicines and pharmacy items.
  • Self-service: The market focuses on customer's self-service. Customer brings the items to the payment counter and pay the bill. There is no seller's service available.
  • Low Prices: The products are available a low prices relatively the local markets. As the sellers are not appointed by the supermarket so the operation cost is low that's why goods sold out at lower prices.
  • Departments For Product Lines: Products are organized in the supermarket based on departments and sections. Separate section for the items makes shopping more feasible for customers to find their desired products.

Marketing Strategies Of Supermarket

Supermarkets adopt several marketing techniques to grab the customer's attention, some of them are:

  • Seasonal Campaigns are the effective technique to hype up the sales like summer clearance sale, independence and republic day sales, some sort of festive sales, etc.
  • Discounts and promotional prices are often offered by the supermarkets to gain the attention of customers which also increases the brand loyalty.
  • Free samples are also provided by the supermarkets to the customer and the feedback from them helps the company or outlet to increase their sales.
  • The platform of social media is also very helpful for the promotion of their goods and services.

Advantages Of Supermarket

Supermarkets are the great source of advantage to the customers which are as follows:

  • Products are available at low prices relatively because of the low operation cost and a high sales volume.
  • Supermarkets are able to attract higher number of customers due to it spacious area. The crowd of customers can shop at the same time, due to the special feature.
  • Customers are absolutely free to select and grab the product which they desired to buy due to the self-service feature.
  • The profit margin at supermarkets are low but the overall profit becomes very high.
  • There is no risk of bad Dept's due to the unavailability of the credit sales, the main focus is on the concept of cash and carry.

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