309Write - Top 70 Best Ways To Make Money From Home Online In 2020

1. Blogging

When it comes to make money online blogging has to be in the very first place. Blogging is quite a new sensation in this century and lots of people are already making medium to monstrous income from blogging.

Blogging is one of my favorite hobbies that I love to do in my free time. It keeps me engaged in an activity rather than squandering away the time idly.

How Can You Start A Blog?

To start a blog is very simple. You can create your blog on Blogger, WordPress, WiX, Tumblr, etc. All these are good blogging platforms available on the web. The most profitable and recommended platform is WordPress. It requires a minimum investment and the rest is given to you free of cost.

If you are thinking to start your own blog for free you can head over to Blogger.com. Blogger is owned by Google and is the most reliable platform for making a blog on a just couple of clicks.


How To Make Money From Blogging?

Making money from blogging is one of the easiest ways of income. There are many different methods of monetizing a blog and make money from it.

    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Ad Networks like Google AdSense, Media.net.
    • Selling Digital Products like eBooks, podcasts.
    • Sponsored reviews
    • Selling WordPress themes and plugins
    • Launching a Course

Famous bloggers like Amit Agarwal and Harsh Agrawal make more than $40,000 per month from blogging. It is really very very astounding. However, it is true.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another great to make money from home online. With affiliate marketing, an expert blogger or an affiliate marketer makes a handsome income per month. It also gives you a great recurring income per month.

When you sell something through a link being a representative of a certain company it is called affiliate marketing.

Putting simply, after joining your company gives you an affiliate link. When someone makes a purchase clicking on that link you ultimately make a commission. That is how affiliate marketing works.

The most popular way of promoting an affiliate link is to create a blog first. Grab a niche and start promoting products that comes under the niche. This increase the possibility of sales.

The best affiliate networks and programs to join are:

      • Amazon Associates
      • Bluehost Affiliate
      • SiteGround Affiliate
      • ShareASale
      • Target
      • Clickbank

Since these companies always change their rules and regulation make sure you read them before joining. Unlock Now


3. Advertising Networks

 If you are a citizen of the 21st century you can’t deny the explosion of advertisements. Everywhere you go you will see big banners or small placards hangings gorgeously advertising products and services.

Have you ever thought you can make money from these ads too? If not, let’s learn how. First of all, you need a blog where you can show ads. Then you have to ensure your blog receives enough traffic per month so that you can earn from those ads easily.

Once you create your blog, start writing some posts so that people can come and read them. Next you apply for ad networks to request them to show ads on your site. Once your blog is approved you can start making money from them.


Best Ad Networks To Join
      • Google AdSense
      • Media.net
      • Infolinks
      • Propeller Ads
      • Komli
      • Revenue Hits
      • Bidvertiser
      • PopAds


The con of earning money from a blog is that it takes a lot of time and effort. If you are hard-working and are ready to put great efforts you will sure start making money from your blog one-day.

4) Graphic Designer (Creative Way to Make Money Online From Home)

If you have a heart for designing and interest in Adobe Photoshop, Creative Cloud, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. then graphic designing will be the most profitable option for you to earn real money online from home.


What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic design is the art of visual communication. Using special software a graphic designer creates visual concepts that inspire or captivate consumers the most.

The purpose of graphic design is to deliver a message in the form of logos, texts or images to the potential consumers to lure them buy goods.

In order to help beginners practice graphics designing here, I have listed some software.

      • Adobe Photoshop
      • Adobe Illustrator
      • Adobe InDesign
      • GIMP
      • Canva (online software)
      • Pixlr
      • Inkscape

The best part of graphic design that companies hire designers to make designs for them and in return they get paid very well. There is no particular limit of money a graphic designer can make online from home.

Starting from thousands it may rise up to lakhs in amount.

5) Freelance Writer

Do you love writing or want to be an independent writer? If yes, freelance writing will be a great choice for you to make money online from home.

Freelance writers work independently that is without being tied to one customer. You can take on several projects you are adept at writing. If you run a website already things become easier for you.

Since you have an audience on your website you need not necessarily promote your skill anywhere else. Just let your audience know that you give freelance writing service and will charge a particular amount of money for that.

Or if you want to market your skills in different online markets you can do that also.

      • Upwork
      • Freelancer
      • iWriter
      • BloggingPro
      • FlexJobs
      • People-Per-Hour
      • Guru
      • Constant-Content 

Freelance writing jobs are inconsistent. It may happen that you get tons of orders a month or some month not at all.

So it would be better not to place all your eggs in one basket. Join several freelancing websites and spread out your services as much as possible so that you don’t lack consistency in work.

6) Tutoring (Profitable Way to Make Money From Home Online)

Online teaching or tutoring has started booming out in these days. If you have good knowledge about a specific subject you can share this through teaching. You can teach a school student or a college student or an adult based on the skills you have.

 To run tutoring online you need a PC or laptop with a good internet connection. You will talk and communicate with clients via a webcam or Skype. 

What are the qualifications?

While many a company does not ask for your educational background, some other companies are there who ask for your educational background.

Having an educational background creates a sense of knowledge and wisdom. People accept them more. The more qualifications you have the more clients you will get for tutoring.

Here are some top websites that offer online teaching services:

      • VIPKid
      • Homework Tutoring
      • Tutor.com
      • Air-For-A Tutoring
      • My Tutor247
      • SmartThinking

7) Life Coach (Best Way to Make Money From Home Online)

Do you love to help people identify their potential and achieve their goals? Do you want to help people develop their personalities? Do you want to build up a business of your own?

If your answers are yes, you should go for a life coach to earn extra money from home online.

A life coach is a professionally trained person who helps others find out their full potentials and help them achieve their goals.

People like entrepreneurs, start-ups, actors, musicians, creative people, sportsmen, managers, executives reach their goals with the help of a life coach.

As a life coach, you earn according to the level you are coaching people. See Dr. Vivek Bindra who is a business consultant, life coach, YouTuber, and motivational speaker who earns more than 25lakh per month from training. If you want to motivate people via public speaking go for it.

8) Transcription

Working as a transcriptionist can be a lot of fun and a great career for you. A transcriptionist is a person who converts an audio file into text format. What they listen they type or write it down. They offer services to medical, legal and general transcription industries.

In order to be a good transcriptionist you must be able to listen an audio file properly. It requires practice to have an ear for every audio speech. The more you practice the better you will understand the speeches.

 The key skills that a transcriptionist should have are accuracy, perfection, efficiency and the ability to meet tight deadlines. Side by side, sense of punctuation, spelling and grammar should be properly honed. 

The salary of a transcriptionist depends on the level of skill or expertise he/she has. You can charge $20 to $49 per hour as a stay at home transcriptionist.

Here are some best websites that offer transaction services:

        • Speechpad
        • TranscribeMe
        • GoTranscript
        • UpWork
        • Rev
        • Tigerfish

9) Photography (Profitable Way to Earn Money From Home)

 Do you love taking pictures? Or are you an avid photographer? If it is you, photography will be an ideal choice for you to make decent money from home online.

Photography is such a profession that requires both dedication and hard word to be successful in this field. It is as challenging as it is rewarding.


Types of Photography

a) Abstract Photography

b) Architecture Photography

c) Baby Portrait Photography

d) Astrophotography

e) Commercial Product Photography

f) Boudoir Photography

g) Interior Photography

h) Black and White Photography

i) Double Exposure Photography

j) Editorial Photography

k) Concert Photography

l) Ariel View Photography

m) Event Photography

n) Food and Fashion Photography

o) Landscape Photography

p) Photojournalism

q) Wildlife Photography

r) Lifestyle Photography

s) Travel Photography

t) Real Estate Photography

u) Per Photography

v) Wedding Photography

w) Silhouette Photography

x) Stock Photography

y) Still Life Photography

z) Glamour Photography


Such a huge list, right? The truth is that photography is not confined to some limited categories. It can be divided into many niches as you can.

By the way, if I talk about the salary an average salary of an experienced photographer is more than 3 lakh in Indian rupees. 

10) Virtual Assistant (VA)

A virtual assistant is generally a person who provides Services like administrative services, website building, typical secretarial work, customer services, etc.

Virtual assistants are self-employed and have different roles in work. According to Wikipedia, there are as low as 5,000 – 10,000 and as many as 25,000 virtual assistants worldwide.

An average salary of a VA is $15.95 in the United States and around 18,000 rupees in India.

11) Online Surveys To Earn Extra Bucks Online

 There are many companies out there that are ready to pay you in exchange for participating in different online surveys. In order to get paid you need to provide them various details about yourself.

Some websites need you to register with them to participate in their surveys. I highly recommend you to throughout research on the website you are going to take part in.

Below is listed some popular online survey websites:

      • Inbox Dollars
      • Swagbucks
      • Vindale Research
      • Prize Rebel
      • Pinecone Research
      • Global Test Market

12) Get Paid for Reviewing Website and Apps

Have you ever imagined you can also earn money by putting your own opinions about different websites and apps? Yes, with UserTesting.com you can easily do that.

UserTesting pays you $10 per task via PayPal. Each task takes around 20 minutes to complete. Signup with name, email address, agree with their terms and conditions and hit SIGN ME UP.

After signing up you will be given a sample test; once you passed you will be given real tests and real cash afterward.

13) Social Media Evaluation

Do you love scrolling all day long on social media like Facebook? If it is you then there is a golden opportunity for you to make real money from home online by becoming a social media evaluator.

 A social media evaluator is a person who is given assignments to evaluate the relevancy and suitability of newsfeeds shown on different social media.  These newsfeeds include photos, ads, texts, videos, search queries and more.

Before you undergo being a social media evaluator you are given a qualification test. Qualification tests are normally done over a span of one week. In order to be a stay at home social media evaluator, you does not need any job requirement. All you need to have is a PC or laptop with a high-speed internet connection.

Appean is a famous social media evaluation job provider site you can join today and start working under the internet-based work system with fully flexible hours.

14) Translation Jobs Online

Do you have a good grip on more than one language? If yes, you can make a good income online from home by being a translator.

Whether you know Spanish, French, or any other language you can work with several platforms that pay money for being a translator for them.

Many a person, find thus job difficult for them due to lack of knowledge or time. So they hire people online who will help them perform those tasks. The average rate of a professional translator range from $30 to $60 per hour.

Here are a few sites that assist you to make money from a translation job.

      • Upwork
      • Freelancer.com
      • Appean
      • Language Line
      • TextMaster
      • Pacific Interpretators

15) Sell eBooks To Make Money Online

Do you love writing books and want to make a profit from them? Do you have your own website? Do you have a good follower base on social media?

If all your answers are yes, selling eBooks is one of the profitable ideas to help you make money from home online.

Sit down with your pen and paper and start writing on things you love the most. Target those topics which you are most knowledgeable about.

Do not keep it in a nutshell.

Share all the things elaborately as you are writing a paperback book.

On completion go to Canva.com and design a beautiful eBook for you to sell. Download the eBook as PDF and promote it through your website or blog.

Also you can sign up for Amazon KDP and register a free kindle account there. Upload your PDF to kindle, provide necessary details and hit publish your eBook.

Your book is live! Congratulations! This is a very good way to earn passive income online from home which I personally use.

16) Become a Captcha Solver

If you have plenty of time or at least 2-3 hours per day free in hand you can put some extra income in your pocket by becoming a captcha solver.

Captcha is an unclear text or image you are given as a testimony that you are not a robot. Many a website, uses this weird thing to make sure their audience are humans. You need to understand that captcha and type it properly. 

In exchange for solving 1000 captcha, you get nearly $2. You can join these 10 trusted sites to become a captcha solver:

    • Kolotibablo
    • MegaTypers
    • ProTypers
    • Captcha2Cash
    • CaptchaTypers
    • 2Captcha

17) Micro Working

Scores of websites are there on the internet whereby working for some hours you can pocket $200-$300 per month. There are no difficult or sweat-falling tasks to do.

Here you can work on different types of tasks like recognizing an object, doing some research, writing small articles, visiting several websites, reviewing and rating various sites, finding out contact forms etc.

Sites like SEOClerk, MicroWorker, mTurk, ClickWorker, GigWork offer you the opportunity to work as a micro worker and put extra profit into your pocket.

18) Become a YouTuber (Best Idea to Make Money at Home Online)

There is no doubt YouTube has become one of the hottest trend for making thousands of dollars online. Lots of people come to YouTube to make extra money online and fame at the same time. You can too do this to help you make profits online.

Open an account with YouTube, shoot videos, upload them on your channel and apply for YouTube partner program to start making money on YouTube.  You can create videos on anything like travel videos, food recipes, how to do’s, DIY tips, prank and comedy videos etc. 

Topic depends on your interest. Once your videos start getting views you can apply for YouTube partner program. Once approved you can make money according to views your videos get.

However, make sure you are providing values to people and not just want to make money.

19) Sell Anything Online

Internet is devouring the whole world day by day. So it would be an ideal choice to use the internet to meet your interest, right? Here comes the blueprint of becoming an online seller.

Online selling is not like a traditional selling. Traditional selling has many limitations like your customer circle can not grow, you can’t sit at your shop the whole day and sell things, you cannot sell everything in one shop etc.

 Whereas online selling has a variety of scopes. You can sell your products to people all over the world and gradually begin making recurring income for yourself. You can start selling online in two ways.

First, you can create a website and sell your goods there and second, you can become a seller on the biggest eCommerce portals like Amazon, Snapdeal, eBay, etc.

I think you effortlessly understood the first way. That creates a blog on WordPress, set an eCommerce theme for your site, give it an eye-catching design and start selling your goods there. It is as simple as that.

In the second case, you might be thinking how can you sell goods when you have hardly anything to sell, right? Well, for these you need to follow some steps.


  • Hover around your locality and find out the best products you can sell.
  • Approach the wholesalers and distributors for making a purchase of those things at a lower price.
  • Next list them on Amazon, eBay, Snapdeal, etc.
  • Start selling those goods at a higher price and put money in your bag

20) Website Flipping

Website flipping is another hot business these days on the internet to make money from home online. In website flipping, you need to buy a website (normally old) and work on the site for 3-6 months or more until the websites start generating income.

After the site starts making the income you can sell in on sites like Flippa, EmpireFlipers at double or triple price. Many people earn their bread from website flipping and it is going to capture the market in the next few decades.

21) Become a Domain Trader

Just like website flipping, domain trading is another brisk and lucrative business you can start to make money online from home.

However, to start domain trade you need to invest money to buy domains. When buying domains you have to be pragmatic and enough knowledge about your field. In order to buy domains head over to GoDaddy or any other domain registrars site and choose your desired domains to make a purchase.

The purchased domain as low as $10 and later sells it to the needy person at double or triple rates. Here is your profit!

Grab those domains that are great and companies might purchase them in the future. The interesting thing is that when companies will not find their desired domains they will surely contact the domain owner.

Now it is your time to cut their pocket since you have the control to fix the price of the domains. This sounds quite lucrative, is not it? So why late start it today.

22) Sell Photos Online

Are you fond of clicking photos from your smartphones? Or do you have a DSLR? If your answer is yes you should not miss this opportunity to become an online photo seller and make profits.

Click some amazing photos with you gadgets and sell them on big photo selling sites. Images of people are always in high demand but it does not mean images of other things do not have so demand.

After clicking photos you can enhance its quality for rendering a charming look and making your photos more attractive.

Go for Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop to edit any RAW photos. Now when you are done with everything upload those pieces to sites like:

    • Shutterstock
    • Alarmy
    • iStock Photos
    • Adobe Stock
    • Photo Shelter
    • Smugmug
    • 123RF
    • Dreamstime
    • Snapped4U

Once your photos are uploaded, you can expect to start filling up your pocket again and again as many times as your photos are sold.

23) Sell Courses or Provide Consultancy

Selling a course on a particular subject is one of the most profitable ways to make money online from home in 2020. If you are skilled at some type of task or if you have a good grip over a subject you can start preaching others online.

One of the most lucrative ways to promote a course is to start a website first and let your audience know about your course. Also, let them know what skills they will learn from you and how. Tag a suitable price for your course and start earning money each time someone buy that course.

24) Make Money Online From PTC Sites

PTC stands for Paid to Click. That is if you put a single click you get paid for that. Yes it is true and many a legit company offer this facility to put a few bucks in your pocket.

PTC sites do not require investments. Simply signup, create an account and start seeing ads, videos, or play mini-games online. In return advertisers will pay you few bucks for publicity of their ads. Some of the legit PTC sites to join are as follows:

    • ClixSense
    • Swagbucks
    • YouGov
    • Scarlet Click
    • Ojooo Wad
    • Makeculous
    • BTCClicks

The cash these PTC sites give is meager. For seeing 5-second ads you get paid $0.001 and for watching a 1-minute video your get $0.02 at best. The amount varies as per the terms and conditions of the PTC sites.

25) Become a Delivery Rider or Driver

Do you have a bicycle, car or motorbike at your home? And a smartphone of your own? Well, you can grab this job to pocket some extra money by delivering food to people in your spare time.

Register yourself today with delivery specialist sites and work in flexible hours from your home. You can join Deliveroo who is always on the lookout for new delivery riders. Deliver foods from restaurants to homes and earn as much as $19 per hour.

26) Do a Part-Time Job

What is your plan these summer holiday? Are you in need of money to satisfy your student loan? Well, doing a part-time job will be most valuable to a student in this case. It helps you make extra money from home online.

A part-time job helps you develop personality, improves communication skills and prompts you to gather necessary insight and knowledge about the job. So why miss out on this opportunity?

A good part-time job can also help you make a steady income flow to support yourself in case you are not with your family.

Here are some good jobs to start a part-time work online:

      • Fiverr
      • Upwork
      • Blogging
      • Affiliate Marketing
      • Writing
      • Freelancing

27) Get Cash Back on Purchase

 Getting cashback on purchasing something is another helpful way to make money online from home. Whether you get as low as 0.5% or as high as 10% cashback on your purchase you ultimately have some of your money back, right?

    • Earny
    • Jewel
    • Ebates
    • Mr. Rebates
    • Ibotta
    • Evoshare
    • Swagbucks
    • Upromise
    • Trim

28) Join Fiverr and Make Money Online

Fiverr has become one of the most well-known platforms for making money online by offering people services you can. It is a popular marketplace out there and you can earn $5-$100 or more out of Fiverr.

You need to signup with Fiverr and create a gig (service) you want to offer people. Services like data entry, Photoshop works, voiceovers, making short video clips, prank videos, graphic designing, logo designing, translating and writing, creating music etc. are in high demand on Fiverr.

 You can sell your gig as low as for $5 and go up according to your service. 

Once your gig is live it gets exposed to lots of potential clients who can order your service and in return, you will make money. You can withdraw money via PayPal and transfer it to your bank account.

29) Sell Notes and Make Money Online

No I am not telling you here to sell out your money! I just mean to sell your study notes and make extra money out of it. Many students are out there who cannot afford tutors and therefore they are in great need of proper notes. In this case you can be an angel for them.

Type your notes in a WordPad and upload it in the form of a PDF. You can use Canva.com for making high-quality PDF to sell. Here are listed some sites for your convenience:


Buy and Sell Study Guides
      • Stuvia
      • Nexus Notes
      • StudySoup
      • OneClass
      • OmegaNotes
      • Notesgen
      • OxbridgeNotes
      • StudentVIP
      • NoteUtopia


30) Become A Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping has become of great ideas to make real money from home online. There are tons of agencies who pay you for visiting shops and restaurants and giving feedback on how they are performing.

A mystery shopper reports the companies about the environment of the restaurants and shops, the nature of the employees, their work experience, etc. Becoming a mystery shopper is rewarding and great fun too at the same time!

Sites to join to become a mystery shopper:

    • Pinnacle
    • Secret Shopper
    • A Closer Look
    • GBW
    • Quest For Best
    • Intellishop
    • BestMark

31) Make Money By Reviewing Music

Are you a music or TV lover? Well, who does not love music? Almost everybody. But do you know that you can make extra money sitting in your drawing room by just reviewing unsigned music artists, upcoming TV ads, etc?

Yes, with Slicethepie you can easily do that. Slicethepie is basically a review website. It pays you for reviewing unsigned music, artists, TV ads, etc. on the internet.

Slicethepie pays you via PayPal so make sure you provide your PayPal email ID properly. Once you hit $10 Slicethepie team will give you the payout.

32) Become a Dog Walker

If you are a student or a stay at home mom dog walking would be a great choice to earn extra money in your pocket.

Generally, if most of your days are free you can join sites like Care Pet Care and Tailster who offer the best dog sitting and dog walking duty to help you earn £8 per hour. Apart from that walking will also keep you fit and strong. So go for it.

33) Sell Junks on eBay

One’s garbage is another’s property. Perhaps this proved goes perfectly with eBay. eBay is a very popular marketplace known to sell anything that is cluttering your home and makes it messy.

It is an excellent place to turn a ripped jacket into hard cash.

You can sell other things that you do not need anymore. Let’s say you have got your new smartphone or headset and want to get rid of the old one. Instead of giving it to someone you can earn real cash if you sell it to one of the eBay sellers who has been waiting for it.

34) Copywriting Jobs

Copyrighting is a great job that can pay you more than writing blog posts. It is one of the hot online jobs that can shape your future at best and help you earn money from home online.

These days many companies hire copyrighters to write for their website forefronts, advertisement campaigns, press releases, promotional offline things including leaflets and brochures, etc. Clients need writings that are of high-quality that is why companies hire expert copyrighters for their websites.

35) Editing Jobs

To be frank, if you have a good grasp and good knowledge about grammar, spelling and punctuation editing will be your ideal destination to make money online from your home’s comfort zone.

You have to be fast at reading and identifying grammatical errors or misspellings to pay off in this field. The best part about editing is that editors get paid per word, so the faster you can check through work the more you will get paid.

36) Design Beautiful Logos

If you are tired of editing you can try this logo designing job as an alternative to extra money from home online and without investment. Logos are the most significant part of standing out a company in the crowded market.

Only a professional and expert logo designer can help a business grow multiple times by creating stunning logos.

If you think you have a good eye for design as well as good talent for graphic design, producing logos can start filling up your pocket as a freelancer. The average salary for a graphic designer or logo designer is more than $48,000 per year.

In order to kick off making logos you can try these amazing free online tools for logo creation: 

      • Logo Makr
      • Logaster
      • UCraft
      • Canva
      • Free Logo Design
      • Online Logo Maker
      • SquareSpace
      • DesignMantic

38) Landing Page Designing

By landing page, I mean landing page of a website. A landing page is a page of a website which is placed on the main URL of that site. Landing pages help visitors understand what kind of a website is it and what kind of stuff they should expect from it.

So to make a catchy and compelling landing page is the ultimate goal of every business website. If you think you have a brilliant grasp of designing you can try this online job and make a decent living from it.

Trust me, designing a compelling landing page is not easy. But if you can do so you can make more money than what you think to make by writing a blog post.

By using online tools like ClickFunnel, Optinmomster and Sumone making a catchy landing page have become very easy. Thanks to the internet!

39) Design Infographics

If you have a creative eye you can start designing amazing infographics and put lots of money in your bank account. You know that infographics today has become a trend to convey information through interesting or fun images with little text.

It is a great way to grab the audience’s attention and keep them engaged in your infographics. People like infographics as they are easy to understand and can save a lot of time as well.

With an amazing online designing tool called Canva creating infographics is very easy and you can download it in whatever format you want.

Canva offers tons of templates, amazing elements, backgrounds, stock photos, etc. so that you do not lack the need you want. Personally I use it and I recommend it to everyone.

40) Become A Software Developer

Software or apps have made our lifestyle easier and more comfortable than we ever had. You are hungry? There are apps. You want to watch sports and movies? There are apps. You want to play games or watch the news? There are apps. Or you need entertainment? There are also tons of apps.

The best part about these apps is that they need regular updates and development so that any loopholes or bugs can be fixed and a new version with interesting features can be released.

Lots of sites are there who are thumping their hands-on table saying they need competent app developers immediately. Toptal is one of the highest paying job sites for software developers who want to earn money online from home.

41) Social Media Management

Do you like to scroll on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for hours? Do you like liking, commenting on posts? If yes, then why are you not using this scope to make extra money online?

Nowadays companies are desperate to utilize social media platforms to grow and promote their products online. Since social media is an outstanding source of new customers companies need to post their business on these platforms.

For this, they recruit social media managers to handle any type of social media activity like posting, commenting, liking, etc. Social media managers work as freelancers for making money from the internet.  They run ads campaigns, schedule posts, organize data and information and many more things. 

If you are genuinely interested to make money by spending a few hours on social media you can try websites like Upwork and Freelancer to find your ideal job.

42) Data Entry

Are you good at typing? Can you type fast on the keyboard? Here is another golden opportunity for you to snatch extra few bucks from companies and put is straight in your pocket.

A lot of companies are in search of competent persons who can help them out by filling up different forms, typing a number of pages etc. You can become a boon for them. Although data entry jobs are not always available but when it is available you can earn good amount of money from it.

43) Start a Travel Blog and Earn Money Online

Starting a travel blog can help you create numerous ways of income online. Choose a good blogging platform like WordPress, get a domain and hosting and set in. There are numerous streams you can monetize your blog with. The most profitable way to earn money from home online is affiliate marketing.

As soon as you are done setting up your blog write 20-30 unique & high-quality posts and become an affiliate marketer.

Here are some websites you can join as an affiliate:

      • Amazon Associates
      • Bluehost
      • ShareASale
      • CJ
      • FlexOffer
      • ClickBank

The best part about affiliate marketing is that you earn a commission from home whenever people buy any products using your unique affiliate link.


44) Create a Job Website

Creating a job website can be evergreen and outstanding source of income. These days youths are in search of various jobs and they search the internet madly so that they can afford a suitable job for themselves. In India this practice is havoc.

 One easy way for creating a job site is to grab a job site that possesses high authority and is very popular among the job seekers.  Next head over to GoDaddy or any other domain registrars to buy a domain.



45) Make Money on Amazon FBA

Did you ever imagine that you can make money working with Amazon? Yes, you can do that from your home easily and earn quite good money from home online.

Amazon launched a service called Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) where Amazon will sell your products for you. This service is quite useful for arbitrage sellers who sell their own products. If you join Amazon FBA, Amazon will store, pick, pack and deliver your products to customers.

The best thing is that your products will get exposed to millions of customers worldwide which means more sales and more income. Working with Amazon FBA you can earn around $10k-$80k per month. That is really great!

46) Create Your Own WooCommerce Site

If you have products of a particular niche you can sell them creating your own WooCommerce site also. It is one of the profitable small business ideas to make money from home.

Have you ever thought if you put in some serious effort in creating your own WooCommerce store and if it gradually gains popularity like Amazon or eBay how much money can you generate?


There is a WordPress plugin called WooCommerce which is quite amazing to turn a normal website into an eCommerce store. So why not give this idea away and make thousands of dollars online?

48) Become an Etsy Seller

Etsy is a very popular platform for selling amazing hand-made products and materials along with putting extra money in your pocket. Etsy enables a variety of independent sellers to sell their unique hand-made materials on their platform.

You can sell anything like jewelry, clothes and accessories, vintage or any other crafts using Etsy. Etsy has also an app of its own you can find on Google play store. 

50) Make Money From Instagram

Instagram has become one of the popular and most profitable ways for making real money from home online. If you have a huge follower base you can start selling products of various companies in your photos or videos. This is called Instagram influencing.

In exchange for promoting companies’ materials, cloths or other merchandise you get paid. Hype Factory is a good site for finding companies that are ready to pay you to become an Instagram influencer.

51) Sell Affiliate Products

One of the best ways to make extra money online is to create and sell your affiliate products through ads. You can create a catchy Facebook ad showing your affiliate product and run it so that it can reach to your targeted audience. This is a superb way to increase affiliate sales online.

Whenever people will make purchase clicking through your ads you will earn a commission. However, there is no guarantee that your ads campaign many results in successful sales and it requires a little investment to initiate.

52) Sell Through Facebook

Did you know Facebook can also help you increase sales of your junk products? Yeah, you can do that easily by listing your own products or junk materials in lots of Facebook’s selling pages.

You can also join relevant groups with a high engagement audience and post your product’s photos or buying links there. People will view them and if they get the value they will buy and you earn some bucks.

53) Participate in Competitions

Thousands of websites are there on the internet which is looking for potential people to signup and takes part in different competitions. Winners are rewarded with gift cards, holidays, prizes, real cash and many more.

You need to spend some time to search for this type of competitive sites and take part in them. The more you will find and enter the better is your chance to win more royalty.

54) Earn Money by Watching Videos

If you love watching videos on the internet then why not make this your earning route? A lot of websites are there for you which offer you points and cash in exchange for watching videos.

Swagbucks is a famous website that offers you the facility to earn cash by watching short videos, playing games, seeing advertisements, completing online surveys, etc. There are other websites also like:

    • InboxDollars
    • MyPoints
    • FusionCash
    • Perk.tv.
    • Nielsen

55) Sell Audiobook on Amazon

Podcasts or audiobooks are now becoming more and more popular. In fact, half of the residents of the United States prefer audiobooks while doing other tasks so they can save more time.

If you are knowledgeable regarding a particular field you can start creating your own audiobooks and sell them on Amazon to earn money from home online. With Audiobook Creation Exchange you can do that easily. Once your audiobook is sold you make up to 40% royalty per book.

The topic of your audiobook can be anything from teaching to cooking to technology news or narrating stories. So it is completely up to you what niche you will grab for creating a podcast.

56) Develop a Premium App and Make Money From Home

Apps are in high demand in these ages. Since an app helps people execute a variety of complex work of daily life people tend to become addicted to it. They become more dependent on it.

You can take advantage of this opportunity. If you have basic knowledge about how an app works and how it is developed using programming languages you can build up your own premium app and make money from it.

However, with millions of apps available free on the store it becomes a bit difficult to convince people to use your app paying money.

But do not lose hope.

You can offer customers a free version of your app to download and use first. Once they start finding how useful it is you can release an upgrade version for it. They are more likely ready to pay for the best version and you make money from home.

57) Develop WordPress Themes

If you have a knack for developing and designing themes you can go for developing your own WordPress theme to make handsome money online.

There is a renowned platform called ThemeForest that provides premium themes for WordPress, Weebly, Shopify, Tumblr, etc. You can approach this website and submit your own theme there.

Once approved you will start receiving cash every time it gets sold. It is a very good website for selling any type of website themes to earn money from home online.

58) Develop WordPress Plugins

Apart from making money selling WordPress themes, you can also put hands in developing WordPress plugins for generating more revenue.

In order to generate more revenues, it is a great idea to design both free and premium versions of a plugin. Once your plugin becomes popular you can offer users to upgrade to pro to access advanced features.

For developing both WordPress themes and plugins you can use tools like: 

    • Light Table (Price: Free)
    • Atom (Price: Free)
    • CodeAnywhere (Price: Free) For Trial
    • UltraEdit (Price: $79.95/year)
    • RapidPHP (Price: $35.95/year)
    • Chocolat (Price: $49.00/year)
    • Espresso (Price: $75/year)

59) Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a hot & crispy way to earn money online from home in 2020. Dropshipping is a form of a business model that allows an organization to control while not maintaining inventory, owning a warehouse to store their product, or perhaps having to ship their product to their customers themselves.

Nonetheless, in dropshipping the vendor accomplices up with a dropship supplier that makes as well as stockroom items, bundles the item, and boats them on to the retailer’s customer, on the retailer’s benefit.

Starting a dropshipping business can be beneficial in many ways:

    • You need a little capital
    • There is no matter of dealing with physical products and materials
    • Flexible locations
    • A wide selection of products
    • You save overhead expenses

60) Buy & Sell Cryptocurrency

Cryptographic money or advanced cash is the following huge thing in cash exchanging. It’s a computerized resource that is utilized as a strategy to pay for things, that aren’t controlled by an administration or foundation.

Bitcoin is the most notable computerized cash and was exchanging at $200 per Bitcoin in 2013.

There are other computerized monetary forms that are well worth putting resources into, for example, LiteCoin and Ethereum, which have seen significant development as of late just as lower worth coins, for example, Ripple and Tron which will no uncertainty increment in incentive over the coming years.

Cryptographic money is still particularly in its early stages, so get in now before its past the point of no return. You can purchase and sell cryptographic money at online cash trades, for example, Binance, Cex.io, and Changelly.

61) Offer Expert Mentoring

On the off chance that you are a specialist in your specific field of business, you can gain high charges for your recommendation. Clearness is a business site for new companies and business visionaries. Sign up with Clarity as a guide and after that profit online by bantering with clients.

62) Try Forex

Rather than exchanging stocks or products, another choice is to exchange monetary standards. ForEx, otherwise called Foreign Exchange or Currency Trading, is the biggest market on the planet. In the event that you haven’t fiddled with exchanging previously, begin little, and recollect don’t hazard more cash than you can bear to lose.

Etoro is such a website you can start this work effortlessly.

63) Start Typing Audios Scripts

On the off chance that you are a quick typer, at that point getting paid to type up soundtracks might be for you. Take Note Typing is continually searching for transcribers who can telecommute composing up content to help people earn money from home online.

64) Work as a Clickworker

ClickWorker extends to various online employment opportunities for those hoping to profit online to spring up their pay. You can choose the activity that interests you, from remedying content to taking an interest in online overviews, and afterward complete the work at whatever point is helpful for you.

65) Become an Ethical Hacker

If you are willing to make your living fully dependent on online income ethical hacking will be a great choice for you. It will not only help you earn a good living but also establish your own identity and career.

What do ethical hackers do? An ethical hacker runs tests on computer networks and tries to hack into the networks to enter information without authorization.

The motive of the tests is to find out any security breaches or loopholes that can be harmful to websites and try to improve security over the internet.

The future of ethical hacking is very shining and praiseworthy. An average salary of an ethical hacker is around $50,000-$1,00,000 which may also rise afterward.

In order to learn ethical hacking, you can join institutes around your city or you can take help from the internet. Here are some websites which offer top-notch courses on ethical hacking:


66) Sell Your Own Books on Amazon

Do you love writing books? If yes Amazon gives you a great opportunity to sell your books worldwide and earn extra money online from home.

There are many ways to publish books on Amazon. One of the best ways is to open a professional or individual seller account depending on your needs. While opening the seller account is sure to provide entire payment details so that Amazon can pay your earnings to your account properly.

69) Become a Marketing Consultant

A consultation job is gaining huge popularity in any field. A fresher always needs to take the help of a good consultant before becoming a Pro. Giving consultancy on marketing is one such way to earn money from home online.

However, a consultant should have proper knowledge before he consults anyone.

68) Become Online SEO Expert

The more the internet is spreading across the world the more businesses are going digital. More websites are created and so companies hire SEO experts for doing proper SEO of their websites.

Doing proper SEO includes top-notch keyword research, writing quality content focusing on the primary keyword, creating backlinks, writing SEO optimized metadata and title, etc. If you are an expert in this field consider applying for freelancing SEO.

This is another most profitable ideas to earn decent money from home online.Unlock Now

69) Do Paid Guest Posts

Paid guest posting is a wonderful way of making money just by writing content for other bloggers. If you have a new website and want to increase your site’s quality backlinks guest posting is one of the vital off-page SEO techniques you need to learn.

Not only your website gets vast exposure but you are also making money. Here I have handpicked some popular paid guest posting sites to start with:


70) Offer Guest Posing Service on Your Blog

Are you tired of writing the content yourself for your blog? Do you want someone to write for your blog? If your answer is yes why not try offering guest posting service on your blog?

If your blog dates back to two or three years old and has gained good popularity you can offer people a scope to get a backlink form your blog by writing a paid guest post for it. People will write for your blog and want a do-follow backlink for their websites. Later you can charge them whatever money you want to.

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