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We all love movies. There is no doubt about that. But not all of us can find where to download them in smaller size but high quality.


This made me put the responsibility upon myself to inform you on ways to do just that and the sites to use.


1. Fzmovies.net




This is absolutely one of my most favorite sites to download all types of movies. Seriously, this site has everything from Hollywood, to Bollywood. You can also download in different types of formats too. Depending on your preference. This site is really great for newly released movies no delay. Try it out.


2. mycoolmoviez.website




This is another one of my best movie sites. It is equal to fzmovies in terms of content and might even be better in terms of quality and size. It also has a wide range of movies from old movies to current movies like avengers:endgame.


3. Movieloverz.org




This is another one of my absolute favorites. This is because what I can't find on fz or coolmoviez, I always find here. This site is really great. But it doesn't have a wide range of movies like fz or movieloverz so I usually use it as a back up for the other two sites.

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