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Regular exercise with a moderate diet

Regular exercise with a moderate diet, not taking stress, weight control and not smoking ক these few habits in daily life will keep your heart healthy and strong. It may seem, hey, complying with all this is a left-handed game! In fact, it is not, it means that the matter is not so simple.
While it is difficult to adapt to something new in daily life, it is not easy to change so many habits at once. But if there is a problem, there must be a solution. You can easily develop these habits with various techniques in daily life. Here are six easy ways to keep your heart healthy:

Exercise to play tricks
Adults need 30 minutes of exercise at least five days a week to keep their heart healthy. But if you do not have the habit of exercise, sweating through physical exercise in a hurry is a very tiring thing. For this reason, if you have children at home, you can get the exercise done by playing with them. It can be any sport of physical exertion.
There is no problem even if there is no child. You can improve your exercise routine by walking or doing household chores. 30 minutes of exercise every day means that you have to exercise for half an hour continuously, but that is not the case. You can break this time. Sweating for 10 minutes in the morning, walking for 10 minutes during lunch break in the office at noon, after returning from the office in the afternoon or at night, you can do some more work like this exercise.
Changing eating habits
You love to eat ‘saturated fats’ (harmful fats) from animal sources. For example, ‘red meat’ or full fat dairy products. These foods need to be skipped to keep the heart healthy. But how to leave? You are a slave to bad habits! Don't worry, there are ways. Change the habit slowly. Gradually add low-fat meats to the Red Mid menu. You can eat olives or canola oil instead of dairy foods. Reduce the amount of salt in the diet. Eat less processed or packaged foods. Do not eat more than 1,500 mg of salt in your daily diet.
It tastes good to eat vegetables if cooked well. Eat two to two and a half cups of vegetables every day, along with fruits. Eat whole grains, such as brown rice, barley, popcorn, oatmeal, wheat bread, wheat pancakes, etc.

Take a break
Take moderate rest between daily work. I mean, just do nothing, no need to take any pressure. Full rest is beneficial for the heart. According to Susan Moore, a physician at the American Academy of Nutrition and Diabetes, stress plays a "villain" role in maintaining good heart health. It has a serious effect on overall health.
And so occasionally leave work and get up. Turn off the mobile phone with one big breath. Forget domestic or office work. Just rest for yourself. It's lying down anyway. After taking a rest, you will see that you are feeling very furfur. I mean, that rest period will motivate you for work.

Subdue the weight
There is no end to the worries about obese people. Calculating calories to lose weight, exercising but still not losing anything. Shake your head a little. Are you eating healthy? Healthy food and calorie rich food but not one. Eat nutritious food and balance calorie intake and intake. Can eat liquid food. Let vegetables be in the daily diet. In addition, do physical work. Make 30 minutes of walking compulsory every day. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Get out of the house and walk a little without taking a rickshaw. Follow the same strategy on the way home.

Win the challenge of quitting smoking
We all know the dangers of smoking. There is no definite way to get rid of this bad habit. That's what everyone tries to do. Doctor's advice, family help or try to combine these two things can get benefits. Think about the harmful effects of smoking. It can be focused on the beneficial aspects of quitting. It is better to leave the company of smoking friends. Avoid alcohol. It will make you more attracted to smoking. The desire to smoke can be reduced if you are in physical exercise. You can get benefits even if you are busy.

Positive attitude and reduce stress
There is no substitute for peace of mind to keep the heart healthy. But people are stressed in many ways from work, society or family. As we have to deal with these pressures, we also have to reduce them wisely. Set aside some time for yourself at the end of the daily work stress. You can listen to your favorite songs or read books. If you have a problem for any reason, share it with a friend or loved one. Do not keep the pain in mind. Such a practice is called heart disease. It is best to build excellent social bonds in the family or at work.
One study found that people now feel twice as lonely as they did in the 1970s. In other words, in 1980 this rate was 20 percent, now it is 40 percent. Loneliness not only causes mental harm, but also physical harm. Medical science says that when someone talks to someone, the brain communicates with the heart through the release of hormones. The activity of the heart became very active.

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